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Marine Armor is a new set you can find and use in Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC. It has rather good stats and comes in three flavors + legendary version. The basic version is called the Zealot’s Marine Armor. Versions with improved damage, energy and rad resistance are called Assault Marine Armor and Inquisitor Marine Armor. These are basically mods you can craft and apply at an armor workbench. Legendary version is called Recon Marine Armor and each piece has additional stats and buffs. Article bellow will discuss where to find all of these and how to get them the fastest.

Zealot’s Marine Armor

Zealots marine armor set far harbor fallout 4The standard version of the Marine Armor is also the one you can get the easiest. As you get to Far Harbor and start doing the main quest you will be sent to visit Children of Atom base The Nucleus. As you join the Children of Atom you’ll be able to interact with the vendors in their base. Armor vendor is called Kane. He will sell you almost the complete set (he doesn’t sell the helmet). You can also pick up the Marine Wetsuit and Marine Tactical helmet. Marine wetsuit is basically a great undergarment for your Marine armor set and the Tactical helmet can be used as replacement until you get the actual set head piece. You can get the full set for free, if you don’t like spending caps, but that is discussed in the next section of this guide

Assault Marine Armor

Marine Armor Set Far Harbor Fallout 4If you want the full Marine Armor set for free (along with the Marine Wetsuit and Marine Tactical helmet) you will have to progress further into the main story of the Far Harbor DLC. You will have to complete the part of the main quest where you do the VR hacking of DiMA’s memories. After you complete all 5 puzzles you will get a Miscellaneous quest step that requires you to Find the Marine Combat Armor Shipments. If you select this step it will show you the locations of shipments on the map.

Make sure you are equipped with anti rad equipment and consumables (or use a power armor or, if you finished the Far Harbor faction questlines, you should have a diving suit – perfect for this expedition). Assault and Inquisitor Marine Armor are basically mod upgrades of the Zealot version. They have higher damage, energy and radiation resistance. Mods are expensive to make, but manageable.

Recon Marine Armor

Recon is the legendary version of the Marine Armor. So far I’ve managed to find all pieces except the legs. They are all purchased from different NPCs on the island. Here’s a list of all pieces bonuses and which vendor sells them:
  • Brooks in Far Harbor sells Recon Marine Helmet with “+1 Agility and Perception” bonus.
  • Go to Acadia and speak to Cog to purchase Recon Marine Chest Piece that has the following bonus: “Reduces damage while standing and not moving by 15%”
  • Recon Marine Right Arm is sold by Mia in Children of Atom base (The Nucleus). Bonus is “Increases wearer’s movement speed by 10%”.
  • Recon Marine Left Arm is bought from Kane in Children of Atom base (The Nucleus). Bonus is “Temporarily slows time during combat when you are at 20% or less health”.

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  1. B

    Where do you get the Inquisitor armor

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Inquisitor is just a mod that you apply at the armor station. Get your Zealot or Assault armor and modify it at the armor station.

  2. K

    Any news on where to find the Recon legs?

    1. A

      Apparently they’re found around Haddock Cove. Now, I haven’t actually found the location yet so I can’t confirm but I’ve seen multiple repeat it so it might be worth a check

      1. J

        Haddock Cove is located at the souteast of the island.

        1. R

          It’s Southwest of the island, not southeast. Near the children of atom shrine (SW of it.)

          1. C
            Crimson Cross

            Haddock Cove is only for the default marine armor not the legendary variant of recon like the helmet, chest, and both arms.

  3. L

    I was only able to find the Assuault legs and arms, help?

  4. M

    I have almost everything. Where do you get the Recon Marine Legs, And what are their effects?

  5. T

    do the containers *only* appear if you have done the quest, or does the quest only show you *where* they are?

  6. C

    There are 2 sets of the armor the legendary variant and the non legendary. The non legendary can be found in crates along the coast but only when the quest is active, this is also how u get the wet suit both the wet suit and non legendary variant are complete. The legendary set you get from venders across the island but this set dose not have any legendary legs.

  7. G

    Where do you find the non legendary arms?? I cant buy them cause i blew up the nucleus without consulting the vendors

  8. S

    I failed the mission best left forgotten & brooks is dead where can I find the helmet

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