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Mini Nukes are a type of ammo in Fallout 4. They’re small nuclear warheads, used only by the Fat Man – a sling-like atomic bomb launcher. It is the most powerful weapon in the game – two to three shots can take care of even the most dangerous enemies. On the flipside, ammunition for it is hard to find. This guide will show you where to find the Fat Man in Fallout 4, as well as all Mini Nuke locations.

fallout 4 mini nuke map all locations guide
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Mini Nuke Locations

If you’re looking for general advice and not exact locations, make sure you do the following:
  • Check any military installations you happen upon.
  • Meticulously search raider bases.
  • Kill suicide bomber super mutants before they can detonate.
1mini nuke outpost zimonjaLocation: Outpost Zimonja
There is a raider there armed with a Fat Man. He’s the one in all the scrap armor, called Boomer. The problem is, if he sees you, he’ll shoot you with his only Mini Nuke. You’ll have to either snipe him from afar, or kill him with one shot – do not give him a chance to fire, or he’ll spend the thing you came for.
2robotics disposal ground mini nuke locationLocation: Robotics Disposal Ground
You’ll find a Mini Nuke by the fence, on the right side of the entrance. It’s behind the pile of tires.
3mini nuke cabot houseLocation: Cabot House
Use the intercom to get in (they’ll open the door if you pass a couple of Charisma checks). Go through the door under the stairs and descend into the basement. Enter the small bedroom on the left. The nuke is on the dresser on the right. It will count as stealing, so keep that in mind.
4fort hagen mini nuke map locationLocation: Fort Hagen
You can only obtain this during and after the main quest when you enter the fort looking for Kellog. It’s in the armory, locked behind an expert terminal. There’s a password that can let you through in a toolbox in the basement.
5where to find mini nukes fallout 4Location: BADTFL Regional Office
Once you enter, go straight through the door, then turn right at the floodlights. It’s on the floor of the room with the bars.
6fat man ammo locationsLocation: Boston Mayoral Shelter
Go down to the basketball court inside the shelter. You’ll see a cave entrance and a door next to it. If you go through the door, you’ll end up in an endine room. The nuke is on a shelf inside.
7quincy church mini nuke bakerLocation: Quincy Ruins
There’s a raider on the roof of the church in Quincy, his name is Baker. He has three mini nukes on him, but you’ll have to take him out quietly if you want to get your hands on them. Since he’s alone up there, you could also use the plank to sneak up on him from the highway and pickpocket him.
8mini nuke military checkpointLocation: South Boston Military Checkpoint
Behind the building, there’s a cage with a power armor. There’s a mini nuke next to the armor, on the ground. You’ll have to hack the expert terminal to open the cage.
9fort strong mini nukeLocation: Fort Strong
When you enter the fort, pick the lock and go right. You’ll have to kill a couple of super mutants and pick another door on the right to enter the office in the south-western corner. The nuke is in a display case in the corner of the room.
10fat man launcher ammunition fo4Location: Prydwen
There are two mini nukes in Teagan’s shop aboard the Prydwen. You’ll have to pick the lock and steal them if you want them, though.
11dunwich borers mini nuke locationLocation: Dunwich Borers
Enter the quary and go as deep as you can. Eventually, you’ll stumble upon a cave with a red beam in the middle of it. Jump into the water and dive through the tunnel until you see the sacrificial altar with two mini nukes on it. If you’re having problems, follow this Kremvh’s Tooth video guide, it leads to the same place.
12fallout 4 mini nuke ammo typeLocation: Wreck of the USS Riptide
The nuke is on a garbage pile on the bow of the ship (western side).
13mini nuke usaf satellite stationLocation: USAF Satellite Station Olivia
The nuke is in the office with four terminals, behind a locked door. You’ll either have to hack a terminal near the entrance to open it, or look for a holotape with the password in the building.
14lexington apartments mini nuke locationLocation: Lexington Apartments
The nuke is in the blue booth next to the apartment building, the one that has “Pulowski” written on it. When you approach and activate it, it will open and you’ll see your prize on the floor.
15mini nuke map location diamond cityLocation: Diamond City
Climb onto the green warehouse in the east of Diamond City, behind the spotlights. Shimmy on the ledge and climb through the window on the third floor to enter the cafeteria. The nuke is on the counter.

Fat Man Locations

The Fat Man isn’t too rare of a weapon – enemies will drop it at times, or you can just find them laying around. If you’re looking for an even stronger version, you can buy the Big Boy from Arturo in Diamond City – it’s one of the unique weapons, a modified version of the Fat Man which shoots two Mini Nukes instead of one.

  • There’s one on the green wrecked ship south of Spectacle Island. Just jump onto it and go into the engine room – it’s next to the engine.
  • One can be found in the basement of DB Tech High School. Go down to the gym pool, and you’ll get to fight a raider leader called Bosco. The weapon is left from his throne.
We’ll add more locations as we discover them.

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  1. C
    Chris Jackson

    There is a mini nuke at Robotics Pioneer Park north from Vault 95 but beware there is a Glowing Deathclaw

  2. C
    Chris Jackson

    There is a mini nuke at Coast Guard Pier just Northeast from WRVR Broadcast Station

  3. V

    Just an FYI: dunno about some of the others, but the Mini Nuke at USAF Satellite Station Olivia tends to respawn. Each time I’ve gone there for a Minuteman quest, there’s been one just sitting on the table, even if I’ve taken it before. Same goes for the one at Fort Strong; I went there once before getting the Shadow of Steel quest and then once during and both times I found a Mini Nuke in the office.

    1. V

      Any time a mission brings you somewhere again loot will respawn according to your level. siding with the institute will alow you to have a never ending chain of protect, defend, and libetate settlement missions. which will make the objects in those locations spawn again. At least this is what my experience has been.

  4. B

    There’s one Fat Man in Robotic Disposal Grounds , lies behind the Sentry Bot

  5. T

    KLEO has one behind “her” on the shelf in Goodneighbor. I was able to steal it. It respond after a while as well.

    1. I
      I survived

      Same. There is also a thing of fusion cells and a mini nuke, which I stole by hacking KLEO and deactivating her, and using a stealth boy too steal them. Then i got right outta there!

  6. B

    The weapon vendor in Diamond City has a mini nuke on his desk across from his bed. If you don’t want to possibly get caught picking the lock to his home you’ll have to wait till he decides to quit work and go inside for the night; the door will be temporarily unlocked and he doesn’t stop you from going in. From there, since the mini nuke is an owned item, you’ll have to grab the nuke (holding down X owhile hovering on the item, on the PS 4; don’t remember what commands are for PC and box) and drag the nuke up stairs to the small childs bedroom where the owner can’t see you. Then just pick it up. Don’t bring a companion who will dislike stealing.

  7. A

    There’s a FAT MAN at the very same Robotics Disposal Ground on one of the cars.

  8. C

    There are three mini nukes under proctor teagans shop, just go down the stairs on the sides and they are on and by the crates underneath

  9. I

    There is a fat man in Cabot House in the same room as the mini nuke

  10. D

    There is a Fat Man in the Robotics Disposal Ground. Also a Legendary Fat Man is sold in Diamond City by Arturo for 12008 Caps.

    1. D

      There is also a Fat Man in Boston Mayoral Shelter, in the cave to the left of the the door to the roo of where the Mini Nuke is, next to a Deathclaw.

      1. D

        There is a Fat Man in South Boston Military Checkpoint, in the truck where there is a gunner sleeping at night.

  11. C

    There’s also a fat man in the room with the mini bike in Gort Hagen. Bring your flashlight, as it blends pretty well with the shelf it’s on in the dark. It’s useful if Kellogg keeps wiping the floor with you.

  12. D

    Mini Nuke at the Croup Manor Basement. Go down into the basement that has a Master Lock door, (or you can find the key upstairs) the mini nuke is on the yellow couch, along with several Feral Ghouls and even a Legendary one.

  13. D

    Mini Nuke in GoodNeighboor. Go in through the front door and walk up to the arms dealer K-L-E-O, she is an assaultron. Mini Nuke is on the bottom shelf, be careful because it counts as stealing. Also there is a Fat Man next to K-L-E-O.

  14. S

    Someone knows if the Mini Nukes respawn after taking them?

  15. S

    The is a fat man in the JetArc building. A room in the engine core, you will have to jump onto the platform leading to it. There is also a mini nuke in a military crate next to a deactivated Sentry Bot at the Robotics Disposal Ground.

  16. C
    Christy metzger

    There are 4 mini nukes in an ammo case in the theater room of Medford memorial hospital.

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