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The Harder They Fall is an achievement in Fallout 4. You can unlock it by killing five giant creatures.
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They are like mini-bosses: large, tough monsters scattered around the map. This guide will show you where to find giant creatures in Fallout 4, how to defeat them and how to unlock The Harder They Fall trophy.

fallout 4 giant creatures


Behemoths are giant Super Mutants armed with a massive club that ends with a hydrant and a shopping cart full of rocks on their back. It’s imperative to keep your distance when fighting them – the club does a bunch of damage and is hard to dodge. When you’re out of reach, they’ll chuck stones at you – these can be dodged by jumping at the right time. Be sure to bring lots of stimpaks and ammo. Having a good suit of power armor wouldn’t hurt either.

1fallout 4 the harder they fall achievement trophy This behemoth is in the field west of Recon Bunker Theta, on the northern border of the map. If you get him to chase you to the bunker entrance, you can jump onto the roof and shoot him from there. He’ll throw rocks at you, but won’t be able to get close.
2fallout 4 behemoth giant super mutantThis one is patrolling the marsh between Suffolk County Charter School and Gunners Plaza, in the south. Use the trees as cover – when he comes near, just run off to another tree.
3walden pond behemoth locationGo south-west of Walden Pond, under the highway. The behemoth is in the center of a circle of cars (think Stonehenge, but with cars instead of stones). The easiest way to get him is by climbing the freeway and sniping him.

Mirelurk Queen

Mirelurk Queens are extremely large mirelurks. They’ll smash you with their pincers, spit at you and make little hatchlings chase you. Our favourite way of dealing with then is by kiting them into mines and grenades. This requires you to be quick on your feet and know the terrain well enough – backpedaling into an obstacle could mean the difference between a success and a failure. Make sure you have enough mines/grenades, as well as stimpacks. They’re pretty fast, so having power armor is a must.

1fallout 4 mirelurk queen locationThere is one behind the Poseidon Energy Labs, in the swamp. When you approach the sunken ship, a Mirelurk King and 2 Mirelurk Hunters will attack you. Once you defeat them, the Queen will appear. You can kite her around the ship – she can even get stuck on it if she tries to go over.
2how to kill mirelurk queen fallout 4This one is behind the Workbench at Murkwater Construction Site. You can kite her around one of the torn-down houses.




  1. A
    Antonio Gonzales

    Behemoths are actually not very difficult to kill, if you can get up onto a high place where they cannot reach you with their club, you can easily shoot them and dodge the rocks they throw. Mirelurk queens can be taken down with three mininukes if you want to shorten the time you spend killing her.

  2. T

    The Mirelurk Queen will also responsible on occasion at the Mirkwater area. Once you take possession of it for the Minutemen, make sure you build defenses so your settlers don’t get destroyed. Attempting to settle Spectacle Island will also trigger a Queen.
    A Behemoth will also (re)spawn around Corvega in Lexington.

  3. T

    There’s also the queen mirelurk at the castle. Although mines and grenades are pretty helpful when it comes to damage, the hatchlings can clear the path for her and make you waste the explosives. Best to use molotovs on the eggs.

  4. K

    I believe the Swan in the Boston Commons pond counts towards this, but having trouble confirming and definitely do not have a helpful strategy. I end up pulling aggro from all the random spawns in that area. Great fun to be dodging a giant, mutant duck and then a pack of mole rats, a patrol of Super Mutants, and to top it off a cranky mob of raiders all find you very interesting at the same time. Yay!

    1. L

      took me fucking forever!!! tried 2 speed run the game and when i got to him i was like level 7

  5. J

    Thos one should not be something you have to go way out of your way to get, since giant monsters are not horribly rare. The three best Items I have found to make taking them down a cinch (at least on very hard difficulty) are BigBoy, the mini nuke launcher that shoots 2 nukes (for the price of one) and that can be bought in Goodneighbor, nuke mines, which are very rare in my experience, and an Exterminating Missile Launcher (the legendary exterminating attribute gives +50% damage against Mirelurks) modified with 4 barrels. Any 4 barrel missile launcher will do, but if you use a jet you can get the equivalent of 6 missiles and 2 nukes without reloading, which will drop most anything. Anything that is not dead yet can usually be finished with a combat shotgun while backing up.

  6. J
    Jimmy Choo

    Strategy : 2 headshots from my legendary gauss rifle will drop all of them 😀

  7. T

    RE; the comment by kamo regarding a strategy for taking on swan: ther is an abandoned bus at one of the corners of the pond that you can take refuge in to hide from his hurled boulders and fire extinguisher mace. You can side step into the doorway and pound his less than intelligent mutant flesh with missles to bring him down. My fine female character still sports the heavy metal right arm armor I took from his corpse. ?

  8. K

    An immediate dose of psycho jet followed with head shots and crits with my maxed out righteous laser rifle took down Swan before he got out of the pond or even chucked a rock. Mirelurk queen at the castle is easy with all the doorways to shoot from.

  9. R

    The overseers guardian kills them easy

  10. A
    Aidan Berry

    The last minute gauss rifle takes down a mirelurk queen in about 5-7 hits, especially with critical banker and rifleman.

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