Piezonucleic Power Armor Location | Fallout 4

Piezonucleic Power Armor is a chest piece for a power armor suit in Fallout 4. It provides decent protection, but it also provides faster AP regeneration when you’re irradiated.
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This guide will show you where to find Piezonucleic Power Armor in Fallout 4, its stats and how it looks.

Piezonucleic Chest Armor Location

Go to the Cambridge Polymer Labs, north of Diamond City and across the river. When you enter, a Mr. Handy robot will ask you to take part in some research – accept the offer. Follow her through the room on the right and go into the decontamination chamber.

You’ll end up in a room with a computer by the wall, a hatch next to it and a large conference table in the center. This is where you’ll make your armor. But first you’ll need the ingredients:
  • Unknown Sample 3111 (Lithium Hydride, green lines on the canister)
  • Unidentified Sample 611 (Gold, metallic cylinder with red lines)
  • Isotope U-238
Step outside and go into the leftmost room on the opposite side. Grab the Hazmat Suit and Unknown Sample 3111 (the metallic canister with the green lines). Exit and go into the room next to it. Go all the way through it, until you reach end. There’s a terminal there – hack it and release the door to the isotope containment chamber.

Put on your Hazmat Suit and go into the corridor next to the computer room (right from the stairs). You’ll have to kill a Glowing One inside, so be careful. Go to the shelves on the other side of the room, and grab Isotope U-238. Go back into the lobby.

Climb the stairs and go left, over the broken walkway, to the door that’s locked via console. You’ll need Expert Hacking for this one. Once you open it, don’t rush – there’s a bunch of traps and alarm triggers inside, so go easy. When you’ve dealt with all that, look for the Unidentified Sample 611 and snatch it.

Go back to the room with the computer. Put the samples in the slots on the left (you should have the ones with the red and green lines – Gold and Lithium Hydride). Put the isotope into the slot on the right. Use the console to start the process, and wait for the conveyor belt to bring you your new armor. Pick it up by the hatch.

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