Final Fantasy Episode Prompto & Free June Updates with Regalia Off-Road

Final Fantasy XV Regalia Off-Road, Episode Prompto and free updates are expected at the end of this month. This info was revealed during the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Yokohama Special Live Broadcasting. You can also expect to see the Noctis’s “Cup Noodle Style” headgear to appear in the game as well.

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FFXV Regalia Type D Off Road Free June Update
Regalia Off-Road, Prompto Episode and more in a June Update

Regalia Off-Road Type-D

This is not the first time something like this has been mentioned. Earlier this year, during the Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report New Year special, it was revealed that the players will get this update. You can even see the Regalia Off-Road gameplay. It is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll be able to drive the Regalia almost anywhere you want, not only on designated roads.

The new Regalia comes with a new set of wheels. Unlike the previous one, this time we can spot the additions. The big and large wheels are definitely the peak, but lets not forget the out-of-this-world exhausts, roof lights, tube bumpers and much more. It looks like an off-road beast. It would be cool if the monsters just ran away from it on sight.

Regalia Off-Road will be the part of a free update, coming at the end of June 2017, along with “Cup Noodle Style” for Noctis, all presented in the FF 30th Anniversary live stream video.

Episode Prompto Release Date

The Prompto episode is expected to come out together with the June update. The episode will surely follow the events that occur after the Chapter 11 scene (spoilers!) where the Noctis pushes Prompto off the train rooftop. After a while, Noctis and the crew save Prompto in Chapter 13. It is still uncertain whether we’ll get to experience the whole sequence or just a part of it.

What is certain, however, is that we are getting a new story, and a new gameplay system. We also know that the main theme from the DLC was composed by Mizuta Naoshi-san (composer for FF XI). Players can also expect to see new items. Just like the Genji Blade or the Rugged Attire from Episode Gladiolus.

More information, including probably the preview of the Prompto episode gameplay, is set to be revealed during the E3 Square Enix live stream session.

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