Final Fantasy 15 Cup Noodle Ad: New Nissin Commercial

Cup Noodle in Final Fantasy XV is the most charming example of product placement in gaming. Ads in most games stick out like a sore thumb, but FF 15 embraces it. The cheek is full of tongue, it’s intentionally on the nose. The self-awareness element sells both the joke and the product perfectly.

Final Fantasy 15 Cup Noodle Ad: New Nissin Commercial
Final Fantasy 15 Cup Noodle Ad: New Nissin Commercial

The new Nissin commercial features three summons from FF15: Leviathan, Titan and Ramuh. The running gag of the ad is placing Cup Noodles in ridiculous situations from the game. Frankly, I found it hilarious to watch. You can check out the FFXV Cup Noodle Commercial below.

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The ad features Ramuh holding a cup of noodles in his outstretched arm, as well as Titan running eagerly towards a gigantic cup. Then, there’s the fabled Leviathan, emerging gracefully from steaming ramen. We can also see Noctis wearing a cup on his head (resembling Buckethead), with Arminger weapons turned into forkfuls of noodles. There’s a scene in which the four heroes bravely protect noodles from an explosion. But, to me, the real gut-buster is near the end. I lost it when king Regis gently puts a fatherly hand on the brim of a Noctis-sized noodle cup.

Final Fantasy XV might not be a perfect game, largely thanks to somewhat repetitive side missions and a rushed second half. However, it’s got a lot of heart and truly captures the Final Fantasy spirit. The tie-in with Nissin will certainly give us more dumb, fun commercials like this one.

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