FFXV Bestiary - Missing Monster Locations

Final Fantasy XV got a bestiary in update 1.15. It shows all the creatures you’ve encountered during your time in Lucis, along with some info about them – what they eat, where they live and such. It’s a really nice addition to the game. You can find this encyclopedia in the archives menu. Some players will want to complete the list of monsters – if you’re one of them, keep on reading for our FFXV Bestiary missing monster locations guide.

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ffxv bestiary missing monster locations
FFXV Bestiary – Missing Monster Locations
Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it when we have more info.

Leide Bestiary Entries

  • Reapertail – Lives in dry climates, crawling through the sand.
  • Sabertusk – Complete Howling Wind of Hunger hunt (Hammerhead)
  • Flexitusk – Complete Gorgers in the Dust hunt (Hammerhead)
  • Mesmenir – Finish Varmints of the Wasteland hunt (Hammerhead)
  • Magnanir – Finish The Hunter Slaying Herd hunt quest (Longwythe)
  • Dualhorn – Finish Horned Hunting Lizards hunt (Taelpar)
  • Dualhorn (male/bearded version)
  • Ashehhorn – Complete Rookie Hunter Tragedy (Hammerhead)
  • Grandhorn
  • Bloodhorn – A boss in the Mutant Marauder main quest
  • Anak – Finish Bounty Hunted Beauties hunt (Hammerhead)
  • Anak Stag
  • Anak Calf – Same as regular Anak
  • Anaklaban – Complete Wild Beauties hunt (Hammerhead)
  • Anakladom – Same as regular Anak
  • ???
  • Rubyshears – Finish Peace to the Beach hunt (Galdin Quay)
  • Sparkshears
  • Coeurl – Usually found in plains and forests, like Thoemmels Glade.
  • Daggerquill – Can be found in Keycatrich Ruins, during the Dust to Dust quest.
  • Cactuar – A rare enemy that appears in areas like Longwythe and the Weaverwilds.
  • Slactuar
  • Gigantuar
  • Rogue Behemoth
  • Behemoth
  • Jormungand – A boss in the Crestholm Channels dungeon.
  • Bennu – A boss in the A Legend is Born quest, in the Three Valleys.
  • Manxom
  • Behemoth King – A boss in the Cure for Insomnia main quest.
  • Adamantoise – The mountain near Hammerhead. Not on the mountain – it is the mountain.

Duscae Bestiary Entries

  • Garula – Complete Galloping Garulas hunt (Alstor Coernix Station)
  • Garulet – Same as Garula
  • Green Garula – Same as Garula
  • Garulessa – Complete Reign Triumphant hunt (Alstor Coernix Station)
  • Voretooth – Complete Red in Tooth and Claw hunt (Wiz Chocobo Post)
  • Yellowtooth – Finish Beasts Wallow in the Wetlands hunt (Alstor Coernix Station)
  • Bulette – Finish Hammer the Canniabls hunt (Cauthess)
  • Skarnbulette
  • Killer Bee – Complete To Sting in Anger hunt (Lestallum)
  • Brutal Bee
  • Dynoaevis – Encountered during the Archaean main quest.
  • Hundlegs – Finish Reclaiming Schier Heights hunt (Taelpar)
  • Redlegs
  • Gigantoad – Encountered during the Professor’s Protege side quest.
  • Arba – Complete Long Necks on the Plains hunt (Lestallum)
  • Arbagadol
  • Elder Coeurl – Finish Old Denizens of the Woods hunt (Taelpar)
  • Griffon – Finish Ruler of the Brave Skies hunt (Lestallum)
  • Deadeye – Complete A Behemoth Undertaking hunt (Wiz Chocobo Post)
  • Behemoth Tyrant
  • Catoblepas – Finish Marsh Madness! The Giant Awakens hunt (Alstor Coernix Station)
  • Kujata – Can be found in the Mencemoor area.
  • Molokujata
  • Phalaris – Found in Crestholm Channels.
  • Jabberwock – A boss in the Costlemark Tower dungeon.
  • Grootslang
  • Bilröst