FFXV Where to Find 5 Red, Yellow, Rainbow Frogs

Final Fantasy XV features many fun and interesting side quests. One of the these side quests is the Professor’s Protege quest and its Frogs of Legend subquest.
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To complete these quests, you will have to collect various animals and artifacts, including three sets of frogs. In this guide, we’ll demonstrate where to find red frogs, where to find yellow frogs and where to find rainbow frogs.

Where to Find Five Red Frogs in FFXV

This is the first part of the Professor’s Protege quest. You meet her in Alstor, at the Coernix Station. In this part of the quest, she’ll send you to Alstor Slough to catch five red frogs. The frogs don’t seem to come out by day, so keep that in mind. Also, pay close attention to your minimap, it’ll be a huge help. There’s also a possibility that not all five will spawn, so come back a different night if so. For an in-depth explanation, check out our FFXV Professor’s Protege Quest – 5 red frogs guide.

FFXV Where to Find Yellow Frogs

Your next encounter with Sania is in an outpost near the Causcherry Plains. Your next task is to capture five yellow frogs around a lake in Kettier Highland. Once again, keep an eye on your minimap to navigate this quest more easily. And, again, it might happen that not all frogs spawn. If that’s the case, catch what you can now and return another day for the rest. For a more detailed how-to, take a look at our FFXV Professor’s Protege Quest – 5 yellow frogs guide..

Where to Find FFXV Rainbow Frogs

After completing several more things for Sania, the last step is: you have to get five rainbow frogs. To start, find Sania in an outpost near Risorath Basin. This time, however, the only clue you get is that they’re near water, which isn’t much help. On the map below, we marked all five rainbow frog locations:For a full guide on the locations of rainbow frogs, go to our FFXV Frogs of Legend guide. When you catch them all, go back to Sania to complete the quest and collect your reward.

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