FFXV Adamantoise - How to kill giant turtle fast

Adamantoise is a giant turtle-like boss in Final Fantasy XV. It is located near the main hub in the game, Hammerhead outpost.
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The hunt for the this giant beast is a part of the Let sleeping mountains lie quest, that is given to you by Cindy in Hammerhead after finishing Final Fantasy XV. During this quest, you must wake up the turtle. You can then go to the diner and accept the Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe hunt. Make sure you have a lot of time on your hands, stock up on healing potions and patience and head into the fight, as this will be the longest fight in FFXV.

How to kill Adamantoise fast in FFXV

UPDATE: There’s a really quick way to kill the giant turtle, but it requires some preparation:

  1. Obviously, the higher your level, the better. Level 99 would be the best.
  2. Equip Noctis with the Zwill Crossblades (you can get them from Randolph).
  3. Equip accessories that increase your strength, like the Dark Matter Bracelet.
  4. Make sure you get a bunch of Power EX potions.
  5. Go to the camp spot near the boss and eat the Golden Tail Soup – it will guarantee critical hits.

Then comes the fight itself. It’s pretty straightforward. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Chug Power EX from time to time, to increase your attack.
  • Use the Armiger skill whenever you can.
  • Use Ignis’ Enhancement skill to increase the amount of damage you do.
  • Use Prompto’s Piercer skill to lower the turtle’s defence.
  • Go for the legs first.
  • Keep Noctis at full health at all times, so the Crossblades can do additional damage.
  • Once it slams its head down, attack it behind the tusks/horns.

ORIGINAL TEXT: This is one of the biggest creatures in the whole game of Final Fantasy XV, and you may have already passed it several times without noticing it. This turtle is already known for making an appearances in the Final Fantasy universe since FF 2, and in this case, Noctis and friends will have the chance to fight it after the journey is finished. Before the game was released, there was information that the fight can lead up to 72 hours, but you should be able to handle the fight in an hour or two.

How to kill Adamantoise in FFXVAdamantoise is a level 99 monster, and has the biggest amount of HP than any other creature in Eos. This Turtle is most vulnerable to Greatswords, so make sure you equip one before the fight. All the other weapons will come in handy as well, but the greatsword will give you damage boost when you attack the turtle.

The fight itself will be long and very repetitive, as this boss has over 5 million HP. Before the fight, make sure to cook and eat some of Ignis’ recipes that will boost your attack. The safest place where you should stay is at the turtle’s foot and deal damage in that area, while dodging the moves of the turtle from time to time. When you see that the eye opens up, try to make some hits there, as it will give you some more damage gain as the eye is the weakest point of the turtle. The moveset of the turtle is slow, but it can do some damage to Noctis, so don’t let your guard down because if you die, you will have to start the fight all over again.

In the end, it will give you over 40k exp points, but the satisfaction will be a greater reward. The citizens that went into hiding will come out, and you can go to the tipster and claim your reward for 50000 gil and an Adamantite Bangle.




  1. K
    Kieffer M

    I’m hunter rank 4 and I don’t see it on the list. What am I missing?

    1. Have you completed the game?

      1. J

        I started the quest without completing the game. used umbras ability to finish the cursed canvas quest and it started.

      2. E

        You do not have to finish the game. I haven’t. I am rank 6 though.

    2. R

      Its not a real hunt. Talk to Cindy, she will have the quest starter. Then you have to talk to Dave at a location and then you will be free to start the fight.

      1. E

        Actually… It is a real hunt. If you follow the quest, it tells you to run away at first. Once you flee, I do believe that you can certainly get back into combat with it if you so desire. But if you want to flee in order to prepare yourself for the combat ( going to camp to eat, or one of the restaurants for example ) you then have to accept the hunt from the man in Hammerhead within the restaurant in order to reestablish the battle with adamantoise.

        1. E

          I apologize, that sounds confusing. Once you INITIALLY flee for the quest, I believe you can simply run right back to the giant turtle and fight it. However if you flee, going elsewhere first such as camp, etc., then you must begin the hunt via the clerk in Hammerhead. My apologies.

    3. U
      Uncle Grav

      For those who have completed the game and restarted it as new game plus, all you have to do is equip the ring of lucii lock on to the adamantoise press and hold circle and point warp between rocks to replenish MP keep doing that till it dies, its he quickest and easiest way to kill it, don’t bother with all the fighting and what other reviews people say because you will be fighting it for hours.

      1. T

        Yes, this worked out sooo well. The best place to to it is the outskirts on the edge of the battlezone. Stand on top and keep draining its life, and then jump off and on the warp point rock along the edge of the battlezone. About halfway through the health while using the ring, it will insta-kill the beast

      2. T

        If you equip the ing of lucii you can kill it in literally 5 seconds by getting close enough as it lowers its head, lock on and hold triangle when you have full MP

  2. X

    you don’t need to beat the game. if you go back in time using Umbra right after you get to Altissa you will get a phone call from Cindy which will start you on the quest that unlocks the fight. Got it at lvl 54

  3. U

    After you beat Adamantoise you can go talk to Dave and get Oracle Ascension coins from peoples you talk in the Crow nest before you begin the Hunt.

    1. R

      Nice, good to know! Thanks! i could use a free ribbon!

  4. D

    I just had spent a good 2 hours chipping away at this, I’m level 74, I was tiny bit away form killing it and was use the armigar chain, a cut scene put us all on his head and we shot down into its eye then I got blasted away, must have knocked me out of the circle coz it just ended the battle, I went towards it and he went back inside. So annoyed with that. It’s the easiest boss on the game made tedious with its massive health. Ah fuck it.. It can wait til I’m 99 now and hopefully does more damage.

  5. S

    I was able to kill him by summoning one of the 6. Instant kill as I’m only level 41.

  6. G

    Just beat the Adamontoise – biggest strategy for me was using Gladio until I could use the chain Armigar, then warping the crap out of its head with the unlimited MP it gave me (unlock with AP). Took a little over an hour, but totally worth it!

  7. J

    Was 3/4 done and 1 hour in… When the thing glitched its head flying me outside the battle area which auto-cancelled the fight… …
    Think I’m done with video games for awhile…

  8. H

    Man I don’t know what happened but I beated in under five minutes using a special ring that Luna gave me didn’t believe it I thought I was going to take decades ow still amazed here…..

  9. G

    Tried hunters tactic and it actually works, use the ring of lucii and jump from warp point to warp point sucking his hp, it took me about 13 minutes and not even half his health bar was gone and he imploded. Save yourself the monotonous 2 hour battle abd try this

  10. D

    Beat him in about 20 minutes. While in Chapter 13 I jumped back in time using Umbra. Then during the battle I stood back and used ‘Death’ with the ring. In my Ascension I had levelled so that my MP replenishes when I phase jump. So I’d use Death, phase jump and do it again continuously. When he hits halfway he dies.

  11. V

    Well im not sure if this was just chance or something, but im level 51 and i just basically one shot adamatoise. Not sure if anyone has tried this but if you use the Ring of Lucii and you do the black hole thing it might one shot him.

    1. V

      Might have been a fluke or an extremely rare chance cause i cant repeat it. Sorry for false hope anyone. You can still try though at least and hope it works for you.

      1. J

        I literally just did this today! I kept warping to differant points to refill my mp and just spammed the ring, it worked after about 45 minutes.

    2. K

      I had actually just done this unintentionally. I saw a prompt after a few minutes of using the Ring of Lucii prompting to hit LT + Y. Afterwards some crazy cutscene occurred and poof the fight was over. lol

      1. K

        Had to run the hunt a second time for the achievement to pop.

  12. D

    20 mins or less. ring of lucii death spell. stay away. average 2k dagmage around half life it just dies suddenly lol super loophole

  13. J

    If you have thr ring if luciis just use r1 triangle until he dies it usually takes me anywhere from 10 -20 trys

  14. H
    Harib Khan

    Ring of lucci blackhole spell worked for me.. i one shot adamantoise with r1 triangle.. did it just 5 mins ago..

  15. R

    I can confirm that the ring of luci method does indeed work and quickly. The beast also died once it’s hp was close to half..i dont even think i took any damage and it was about 15 mins worth of my time!!

  16. I

    Did it in 20 minutes with the ring.

  17. P

    Can confirm that the Ring of Lucii cheeses the Adamantoise. It took me 7 mins from start to finish, and as an added bonus the Adamantoise visually glitches on me and only his head was visible by the end of the fight. I didn’t even get his health to half before he imploded.

  18. K

    It may say ‘can take up to two hours’ but if you do it right it can be done real fast. I went there as lvl 43 and took it down in 15 minutes. I had iggy use his regen ability, and prompto’s piercer. I equiped the Ring of Lucii (end game weapon recieved in chapter 13 if im correct) and its real great. Dealt a mere 2000 damage (not much i know) but it does add up over time. Just warp to the warp point on the left of his head (your right when facing him) and spam the death spell on him using the ring. It may feel like cheating in the end but it works

    1. B

      All you have to do is hold triangle and keep spamming to send him to a void took 2 min, but you keep teleporting to a rock and unlimited mp easy as hell.

  19. E

    My advice is to use the ring of the Lucii! It makes the adamantoise look very, very silly after a while but it’s easier than chipping away at it with your sword, etc! I was 3ven able to skip around a third of its health due to the way enemies explode when you use the ring!

  20. J

    you dont need finish the game , i get the nixperi3nce ring from free dlc and i bank exp many exp1 000 000 and get to altissia first thing i do was visit the x3 exp hotel and i get from 36 to 99 lvl so i use umbra for explore lucius for curiosity and the first thing i get was the adamantoise quest, its not for finish the game is for get lvl 99
    ? you are free of sever the chains of destiny that bind you

  21. M

    Blasting him to another dimension didn’t work with the ring but using death with the ring worked. I had to heal maybe once. Took about 10 mins or so at lvl 59.

  22. M

    I’m only on chapter 13 and the hunt is available to me. You have to speak to Cindy first to initiate the sidequest that makes this avaiable as a hunt. I don’t know when you can talk to her about it though. She randomly called my cellphone and said she had to speak to me about some strange earthqueakes. So I went to Hammerhead and talked to her. 🤷‍♂️

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