Ghost Recon Breakpoint The Enemy of My Enemy - How to Open Door

The Enemy of My Enemy mission in Ghost Recon Breakpoint has a blue door that is experiencing the bug. The glitched door in Enemy of My Enemy is supposed to open by itself, but for some players, it refuses to do so. Fortunately, there is a way to fix this bug, or rather, there are workarounds. That’s what we’ll be discussing in our Ghost Recon Breakpoint The Enemy of My Enemy – How to Open Door guide. Plus, we’ll explain how to open biometric red light locked doors in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint The Enemy of my Enemy - How to Open Door
Ghost Recon Breakpoint The Enemy of My Enemy – How to Open Door (image via Reddit user GodsCanswer)

How to Open Glitched Door in Enemy of My Enemy Ghost Recon Breakpoint Mission – How to Fix Bug?

To open the bugged door in the Enemy of My Enemy mission in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you’ll unfortunately have to either restart the game, or reload the checkpoint. The door we’re talking about is the one pictured above, that you’ll come across during the Kill all Hostiles / Find Skell step of the Enemy of My Enemy mission. The door has blue lights, which means that you should be able to walk straight through it. That’s not always the case, because there’s a bug that keeps them closed.

So, as I’ve said, in order to fix the door bug in Enemy of My Enemy, there are two avenues to explore. One is to outright restart the game, which, while it certainly sucks, does seem to fix the problem. The other is to die (in the game, I mean) or leave the mission area in order to reload a checkpoint. Yes, it’ll still be annoying, but at least you don’t have to reboot the whole thing.

How to Open Red Light Locked Biometric Doors in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

To unlock the doors with red lights in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you have to pick up one of the nearby dead enemies, or grab a live one, and walk through the door with them. See, the locked doors with red lights are biometric. They have large, green screens for scanning, and the game will also notify you of their nature. Of course, since you’re a stranger, they won’t open for you. However, if you grab an enemy, dead or alive, and drag them to the door, it’s gonna open. Simple, but kinda clever little mechanic. One of the very few clever things in the game.

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  1. Neither restarting the game OR dying fixed the issue. In fact, it made it worse. Now I can’t even enter the base. I press the prompt to open the door on the outside, but it refuses to open.

  2. D
    Drake R

    Same problem here. You find a way to fix it in the past 6 days?

  3. C
    Cody R Ruscheinsky

    Yes I have you have to carry a soilder to the door and you can walk throw it now.

  4. A
    Alex K

    So I just wasted 130 CAD dollars on a broken game that I can’t completely beat because ubisoft are idiots and don’t know how to release a proper working game..?!?

  5. J

    That’s about the shape of things, yep.

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