God of War How to Get to Landsuther Mines - Deus Ex Malachite Favor

Landsuther Mines is a Midgard area in God of War. It’s where you complete the Deus ex Malachite dwarven favor for Brok. You can access the Landsuther Mines region from the Lake of Nine, by rowing your boat through Landsuther Canyon. If you don’t have the Deus ex Malachite favor tracked, though, finding the entrance to Landsuther Mines can be a bit tricky. So, to help you out, here’s our guide on how to enter Landsuther Mines in God of War. We also mention some of the goodies you can pick up on your journey there.

God of War How to Get to Landsuther Mines - Deus Ex Malachite Favor
God of War How to Get to Landsuther Mines – Deus Ex Malachite Favor

How to Get to God of War Landsuther Mines?

The best way to get to the Landsuther Mines region in God of War is by boat. The area is easily accessible from the Lake of Nine. It’s made even easier if you’ve been following Brok’s favors. The one that will take you to Landsuther Mines is Deus Ex Malachite. Track the favor from the menu screen, and it will point you directly where you want to go.

One at the Lake of Nine, get into a boat. Open your map and look for a small alcove in the southwest of the lake, between Iron Cove and Lookout Tower. There are two alcoves there, and you want the one further west. It has a dotted line leading inland from it, further to the southwest. Row your boat into the cavern (the game will tell you you’re in Landsuther Canyon), and keep going all the way until you reach the dead end. Basically, follow the dotted line all the way to the end. Disembark and follow the only path you have until you reach Brok, who will tell you what you have to do further. There will be some blockages, but nothing you can’t handle. Be advised, however, that you won’t be able to explore the inside of Landsuther Mines without Shock Arrows.

Your task in Landsuther Mines is to find Andvari’s Hammer, but there are some other goodies you can dig up while you explore. This includes the Kneel Before Thor treasure map, the Shard of The Elements and Andvari’s Soul Enchantments (the latter of which you get by returning the hammer to Brok and completing the Deus ex Malachite favor), and the Aegir’s Protection Talisman, which drops from a mini boss.

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    Ermm… May I know how to unlock the door? You did NOT explain about unlocking the door. How do I unlock the door? Please explain.

    1. P

      Speak to Brock. He’s right next to the door and gives you the key.

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