Merge Mansion Hood Ornament 2022, Lindsay Hopper Event

In our Merge Mansion Hood Ornament 2022, Lindsay Hopper Event guide, we’ll show you how to get this item from the Lindsay’s New York Story event. First, we’ll show you how to unlock access to the event in the first place. Then, we’ll explain how to obtain the Car Hood Ornament. Let’s begin!

merge mansion hood ornament 2022 lindsay hopper event
Merge Mansion Hood Ornament 2022, Lindsay Hopper Event

How to Get Car Hood Ornament in Merge Mansion 2022

To get the Car Hood Ornament in Merge Mansion 2022, you have to play the Lindsay’s New York Story event, which revolves around the history of Lindsay Hopper. You won’t have access to this event until you’ve progressed far enough through the game. In fact, the Car Hood Ornament Task should pop up as you come close to the end of cleaning up the garage. That grants you access to Lindsay’s New York Story, which you can access at any time. However, it lasts only three days, so be sure to get that Hood Ornament. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait to replay the event.

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Now, as you play the New York Story thing, you’ll earn Makeup Tools. Merge these items to at least Level 4 (Nail File and above), and then you can use them to drop an item from the Lindsay Hopper chain. You then have to merge those to Level 11, which is when you get the Merge Mansion Car Hood Ornament in the 2022 Lindsay Hopper New York Story event. The chain goes Lindsay (a photo of her) > Statue of Liberty > Safe > Bull > Bag of Money > Bear > Empty Safe > Theater Mask > Spray Can > Modern Factory > Car Hood Ornament.

And there you have it, that’s how you get the Car Hood Ornament in Lindsay’s New York Story. It’s nothing too bad once you know what to do. If you need help with something else in the game, feel free to check out some of our other Merge Mansion guides, like Spring Bouquet and Picnic Basket, Picnic Tool Kit.

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    Thanks for the info on Merge Mansion- I enjoy the game but it’s easier & more relaxing to play when I know some tips & tricks.

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    Your explanation still didn’t say how to actually get those items.

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    I stumbled across where to collect items for the hood ornament.To start the event, you have to go to the calendar and click on the event. This will activate a 2 day event. Play the event to win items😁

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