Minecraft Dungeons Creepy Crypt Location - Secret Mission

Creepy Crypt in Minecraft Dungeons is a secret mission that you have to unlock by discovering the secret map that leads you to it. Players have been very curious about where to find the Creepy Crypt secret mission in Minecraft Dungeons because, well, it’s secret. Moreover, it’s a really good place to farm emeralds and other stuff. So, figuring out how to unlock Creepy Crypt can be very lucrative. With that said, welcome to our Minecraft Dungeons Creepy Crypt Location – Secret Mission guide, where we’ll be showing you exactly what you need to do.

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Minecraft Dungeons Creepy Crypt Location - Secret Mission
Minecraft Dungeons Creepy Crypt Location – Secret Mission

How to Unlock Minecraft Dungeons Creepy Crypt – Where to Find Secret Mission?

To unlock and find the Creepy Crypt Secret Mission in Minecraft Dungeons, you have to look in Creeper Woods. As you progress through the area, you’ll eventually come across a villager-saving mission. Pretty standard fare for RPGs. When you complete the mission, you’ll see a path leading you to the left. Follow it until you come across a large temple in the middle of a clearing. In order to enter the temple, press the button on the right. Head into the temple and find the green map (it’s hard to miss, since it glows). Interact with the map, and you’ll unlock Creepy Crypt and its location.

Now, it’s important to mention that the Creepy Crypt secret mission is just that – a secret mission. There’s nothing there to find when it comes to story or anything like that. However, it is a great place to farm emeralds and other stuff, since it has tons of chests, and isn’t too long to complete. The weapons that drop in the Creepy Crypt include the Sword, the Bow, the Pickaxe, and the Soul Bow, and the armors are Hunter’s Armor and the Phantom Armor. As for Artifacts, you can run into Boots of Swiftness, Fishing Rod, Ghost Cloak, and Tasty Bone.

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