How to Access Hero Edition Items - Cape & Chicken Pet in Minecraft Dungeons

Hero Edition Pass items in Minecraft Dungeons are bonus items that you can get for purchasing the special edition of the game, and includes a cape and a pet chicken. The question a lot of people have been asking is how to get their Hero Pass chicken Pet and cape, and, more importantly, where to find them. So, in our How to Access Hero Edition Items – Cape & Chicken Pet in Minecraft Dungeons guide, we’re gonna explain everything you need to know.

Hero Pass Content
How to Access Hero Edition Items – Cape & Chicken Pet in Minecraft Dungeons

Hero Edition Items – How to Get Minecraft Dungeons Cape & Chicken Pet?

To get your Hero Edition items in Minecraft Dungeons, aka the cape and the chicken pet, you first have to install the Hero Pass content. On PC, you can do this by going into the Microsoft Store app. Click on “…” in the top right corner, then on Downloads and updates. Next, click on Ready to Install in the sidebar on the left. The Hero Pass should be on the list, so download and install it. You might have to restart the game afterwards.

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If you’re playing on Xbox, hit the Guide button and head into My games & apps. Select See all, then find Minecraft Dungeons. From there, press the Menu button and click Manage game & add-ons. Once again, go into Ready to Install and find the Hero Pass. Download and install it, and you should be okay. You might need to restart the game, though, just like on PC.

Once you have the Hero Pass downloaded, it’s time to find your cape and chicken pet in the game. That, at least, is fairly easy. Simply go into your inventory and look under the Cosmetics tab. Refer to the image above to see where to find it. Right there, you’ll find both your cape and your pet baby chicken. All that’s left for you to do is equip them.

That’s about it when it comes to finding your Hero Edition items in Minecraft Dungeons. We’ve also written other guides for the game, and you might find them useful. To name just a few, we’ve got Creepy Crypt Location – Secret Mission, How to Get Over Gaps, and Best Weapons & Armor Gear Locations.

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