NBA 2K22 Free Spirit Clothing

The NBA 2K22 Free Spirit clothing is an integral part of one of the quests in the game, which requires you to get this specific type of clothing without really telling you what you actually need to buy. As it turns out, these clothes are actually not that difficult to find, once you know what you’re actually looking for. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to explain what you need to do.

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nba 2k22 free spirit clothing
NBA 2K22 Free Spirit Clothing

How to Get Free Spirit Clothing in NBA 2K22

To get the Free Spirit clothing in NBA 2K22 and complete the appropriate quest, you need to buy clothing that has the megaphone icon next to it (or bullhorn icon, if you prefer). Usually, you can find items of clothing with this icon in your affiliate clothing store. What do I mean by that? Well, you know those groups like the Vipers, the Knights, etc? Each one of them controls a specific part of town, right? Well, in each part of the town, there’s also a clothing store that sells threads themed after the group that rules that neighborhood. So, go to the store that belongs to the group you’re a part of and look for some clothes with the megaphone icon.

Basically, if you’ve played through the Meet the Designers quest, you have the basic know-how of how this quest is supposed to play out. The only big problem here is that the game doesn’t give you much of an explanation as to what the NBA 2K22 Free Spirit clothing is actually supposed to be. Then again, this is far from the only quest that has confusing or poor instructions. That’s to say nothing of the different bugs and glitches, such as the Gym Rat badge quest not showing up on current gen and the Rebirth quest not activating. But, yeah; just buy the cheapest item of clothing from your affiliate shop that has the bullhorn icon, and you should be fine. I have heard that Halloween clothes can work, too, but affiliate clothes work 100%.

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