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kingdom hearts 3 synthesis recipes

All Synthesis Recipes – How to Craft Items

Synthesis recipes are crafting blueprints in Kingdom Hearts 3. You’ll use them to create new items, like weapons, armor, accessories and potions at the Moogle…

kingdom hearts 3 fluorite locations

Fluorite Locations – How to Get

Fluorite is one of the many synthesis materials in Kingdom Hearts 3. This crafting ingredient isn’t particularly rare, but you’ll have trouble finding it early…

kingdom hearts 3 orichalcum locations

Orichalcum Plus Locations – How to Get

Orichalcum+ is a synthesis material in Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s extremely rare – there’s only a handful of units of this material in the entire…

kingdom hearts 3 wellspring crystal material search

Wellspring Crystal Material Search

Wellspring Crystal is one of the synthesis materials in Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s a crafting ingredient that’s used in creating many items, including the Ultima…