How to Get Back to Helicarrier & Ant Hill in Marvel's Avengers

Returning to the Helicarrier and Ant Hill in Marvel’s Avengers is something that you’ll probably want to do at some point, since these two locations act as outposts. However, the system through which you go back to Ant Hill or the Helicarrier is a little confusing. It’s nothing too difficult, but still, you might be having trouble figuring out how to return to Ant Hill or the Helicarrier. If that’s the case with you, then welcome to our How to Get Back to Helicarrier & Ant Hill in Marvel’s Avengers guide.

how to get back to helicarrier & ant hill in marvels avengers
How to Get Back to Helicarrier & Ant Hill in Marvel’s Avengers

How to Return to Marvel’s Avengers Helicarrier & Ant Hill

To return to the Helicarrier in Marvel’s Avengers, all you have to do is hover over it at the War Table. Then, press and hold Square on PS4 (or whatever the equivalent is on your platform). That’ll transport you directly on board the Helicarrier. You can see what all that looks like in the first screenshot below.

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If you want to go back to Ant Hill, you can also do so from the War Table. Enter into the Utah Badlands section, then go down to the “Return to Outpost” tab in the bottom. Select that, and off you go to the Ant Hill to visit the base established by the good Dr. Hank Pym. Once again, you can see what you need to do in the second screenshot below.

And that’s all that there is to it when it comes to going back to the Helicarrier and Ant Hill in Marvel’s Avengers. If there’s something else that’s bothering you about it, we’ve got a growing list of Avengers guides for you to peruse. For example, we’ve written How to Switch Characters, Condition: Green Unlock Door to Secret Chest – Switch Location, and Abomination First Boss Bugged – Keeps Disappearing. Hope you find them useful!

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  1. C

    Been playing on Xbox, the option to return to both helicarrier or Ant Hill dissapears after playing a mission or two. So far my only fix has been to exit the game and reload.

    1. D

      Legit thought I was the only one having this issue on xbox lol. Hope it gets fixed

    2. R

      I’m on ps4 and the same thing is happening to me, I thought I was the only one

    3. A

      I just found out, if you go to the war table and switch campaign from reassemble to avengers initiative, you should get the option to return to outpost.

  2. G
    Graciela Ortiz

    Once I completed the campaign the button to “Return to Outpost” disappeared. Is there another way?

    1. D

      If you haven’t figured it out yet, selecting operation avengers initiative gives you the option to travel to the outposts.

  3. J

    I feel so dumb for not seeing this thank you !

  4. O

    oof it doesnt pop up for me

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