Mass Effect: Andromeda download size and pre-load availability

Pre-ordering games is seen as a big no-no in some circles. On the other hand, pre-loading seems much nicer. In most cases, these two terms go hand in hand. As far as the Mass Effect: Andromeda is concerned, the North American pre-load files stand at the ready.

andromeda collectors edition
They could have written a download code on the side of that expensive thing.

As far as the download size is concerned, it is pretty much as expected for a modern game – a measly 42.9 GB on PS4. Xbox One download size is similar, 42.19 GB. Both of them are missing the day one patch. Depending on your connection, you might breeze through the download or end up waiting for hours on end. The bad side of it is the following: if you could have waited, you would have gotten the physical copy on the day of its launch! Ah, the human condition.

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There has been a lot of talk regarding Mass Effect recently and if you have been following the news, the game is much less of a mystery to you than it is perhaps healthy. The details regarding combat were revealed, featuring the 4 basic types of weapons known from previous games. Then there were the exploration missions, discussing what potential problems and solutions you might encounter. Finally, the multiplayer was given an overview, with the emphasis on coop missions yielding MP and SP rewards.

You can check out the special editions that have been listed today as well. Pretty much as expected the prices go between $59.99 for the game itself to $200 for the Collector’s Edition that includes a remote controlled Nomad. The unexpected part being that it does not include the game.

Mass Effect is out in the USA on March 21 and in Europe on March 23, 2017. EA/Origin Access holders can enjoy a 10-hour trial of the game.

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