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FOBs are Mother Base outposts in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. They are entirely separate from the main base. The biggest difference between the two is that FOBs are open to attacks. Other players can infiltrate your FOB to steal your staff and resources, but you can do it to others, too. In this guide, we’re going to give you the best tips for attacking FOBs, which will help you successfully invade other people.

mgs5 best tips for attacking fobs

FOB Infiltration Tips

  • Bigger FOBs mean more hiding places, more potential loot and more room for diversions. The price is more soldiers.
  • If you’re picking off low level FOBs, concentrate on the ones with a lvl 1 Base Development platform.
  • Choose which part of an FOB you target by considering what you need most at the moment – some platforms are rich in containers, others in staff.
  • If you’re looking to earn GMP, go for the core and avoid fultoning stuff.
  • You’ll get a precise head count before you infiltrate – try to keep the number of guards in mind at all times.
  • If you’re going for the core, try not to get noticed. You won’t be able to enter while the base is on alert.
  • Take the time to learn the layout of Mother Base – FOBs use the same platform layout, and knowing the terrain intimately is half the battle.
  • You can mark and shoot from the chopper. Marking takes more time away than it’s worth, but shooting someone far from your landing zone can be a nice diversion, allowing you more breathing room at the beginning.

FOB Combat Tactics

  • Players can take considerably more damage than NPCs – it’s easier to put them to sleep than to kill them.
  • Do not underestimate live opponents – they can see infinitely farther than the AI. Try to stay behind cover as much as possible.
  • Murdering the defending soldiers will deduct from your Heroism score, and there will be less people to fulton.
  • The rocket arm (stun or blast) is an amazing tool when used against players who like to camp.
  • You can go around most security devices, but drones should be shot on sight.
  • Guards you’ve taken out will not reset after the defender comes in, but the alert will. You can use this to dispatch as many soldiers as you can before the host arrives, then switching to stealth.
  • Mines and decoys dissappear once the defender comes onboard, so it’s often better to wait before you start placing them.
  • Tranquilizers take longer to work the farther they are from the head – you could make three soldiers drop at nearly the same time by shooting the first in the leg, the second in the arm and the third in the head.
  • If you see the defender a few platforms away, scouting or waiting to snipe you, start fultoning all his stuff. If he ignores it, you get more GMP. If he reacts, you get a diversion.
  • If a mission goes south, don’t be embarassed to run away. Getting out alive, even when failing, means you get to keep your fultoned loot and avoid the ransom fee.
  • When a defender isn’t present, you can use all the silly tactics that work in singleplayer, like tranquilizer baiting.

Useful Items in FOB

  • On your way to the core, set traps around corners (claymores, stun and smoke mines) to slow down potential pursuers.
  • Even though non-lethal weapons are the best course of action, always make room for one with live rounds, for dealing with security devices.
  • Always use Noctocyanin. Seeing through walls never hurt nobody.
  • Sonar detects decoys as well as humans. Set decoys to cover your tracks and make the sonar less useful.
  • If you like taking a rocket launcher with you, avoid the one with the homing system. Players get a warning when they’re locked on, which makes it easier for them to react.
  • The active decoy (the one with the speaker) can attract a lot of attention, which is great for diversions and using the stun grenade.
  • You can bait the other player by leaving the box somewhere conspicuous.
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  1. L

    ‘On your way to the core, set traps around corners (claymores, stun and smoke mines) to slow down potential pursuers.’
    um, there ARE no smoke mines, and the “Stun Mine” is called the “E-Stun Decoy”…

    1. J

      Can you not use the sleeping gas mine thing on FOB missions, then? I guess that’s what they mean.

      1. G

        stun and sleep are different.. you can use the sleep gas mine in an fob mission. there just isn’t a stun mine that is motion sensored as well.. E-stun decoy is activated like C4

        1. W
          why do i need a name this is a one off post

          the electromagnetic net mine works on humans as well as vehicles

    2. D

      my favorite (and probably one of the best) tactic is to spawn in on the right side (the furthest spawn zone from the others) go up the stairs and throw a grenade far away, this way all the guards will look in the direction of the explosion and i hug the right side till i can make it under the bridge. youl can get past them a 100% of the time, but the uavs and cameras are gona be a hassle and this wont work for the very center platform

  2. S

    Using the upgraded tranquilizer gun that penetrates glass will not alert guards when you shoot lights, thus freeing up your main weapon for a non-lethal substitute if you are going for espionage rating.

  3. M

    Do not forget you can capture STAPH from the Enemy Base. ^_^
    -Sorry, I just had to say that LMAO

  4. I

    you have to distract enemy with tranq sniper rifle or handgun then pass without problem , true problem can be claymore and cam setting from player , but if you have cold blood and smart brain you can found a way to pass them , i tink , the real problem is the spowning soldier from nothing , konami have to fix it , like put a door where them can come out 😐 , im bored to get spot from phantom soldier .

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