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Skull Face is the 30th main mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. It involves going to a silo in Afghanistan, passing through a XOF base and confronting Skull Face. It’s one of the hardest missions up to this point, as it involves a whole lot of heavily armored soldiers with walker gears, tanks and a chopper.

Obtrainable Skills/Blueprints

None, sadly. There are a lot of highly trained soldiers though, so if you need good fighters, this is the place to get them.

Mission Text

Skull Face has occupied the secret Soviet weapon design bureau OKB Zero, and advanced his plan to its final phase. Prevent the combat deployment of the upright bipedal weapon Sahelanthropus, and take vengeance on Skull Face.

mgs5 skull face mission walkthrough

Made contact with Skull Face

mgs5 phantom pain skull face missionThis one is easy to figure out – just follow the yellow marker into the silo. It’s not easy to do, however. You’ll have to go through 4 zones full of enemies, with a gunship scouting from above. If your plan is a stealthy approach, keep to the sides (left until the first gate, right until the second, then left again after the second). If you’re in a bind, you could always wait for a sandstorm.

Got information from Skull Face

Like any good villain, Skull Face will explain his whole plan to you once you meet, confident you won’t live long enough to foil it.

Extracted 4 walker gears

There’s one Walker patrolling each of the outside areas (clearly divided by gates). You can’t miss them, but extracting them will require taking care of a lot of soldiers.

Obtained cassette tape at OKB Zero

When you climb to the top of the silo, instead of going straight to the helipad, go left and find the elevator. The tape isn’t playing, so don’t try to find it by hearing.

Extracted 7 red containers from OKB Zero

The first batch of red containers can be found after the second gate. There’s four of them in a row to the right of the gate. The other batch is after the third gate – two are behind the tank to the right, while the last one is next to the silo, on the left.

Extracted 3 tanks from OKB Zero

The first tank is by the road, after the first gate. The second tank is in the vast courtyard following the second gate. The last tank can be found after the third gate, as you leave the tunnel.

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  1. J

    Yeah, no red containers in any of the spots, either it’s glitched or it’s completely up to luck, which isn’t specified of course. First time I tried there was only 5 containers, 2nd time they all turned to white containers, AWESOME.

    1. M

      If you’ve extracted them during other ops they will not be spawned in the mission sometimes. You might need to wait quite a while for them to respawn in free roam for them to be back in the mission.

      1. L

        Yeah, I’d advise going and doing some stuff in africa; side ops, redo old missions, that sort of thing. Easy way to tell things have respawned in Afghanistan is to take a look into the Soviet Base Camp, and, assuming you regularly swipe all the resources ( which you should, I regularly get around 4-5K of most materials there, and there is a container with Five Hundred (500) Precious metal in it, not the usual 50) and look for the PM container. If it has respawned, then the maps reset and you’re good to go.

        Side note,though, the timer for replenishment of materials containers and the one for fixing power systems/Communications equipment is, so far as I can tell, the same, so when the resources have respawned, all the damage you may have done previously is undone, so no being able to stroll around in the dark only having to worry about dealing with the guards in the base itse’f…

      2. A

        The last I heard was that it’s three (story) missions to reset world attributes. Never tested it myself.

  2. I

    the cassette tape is actually playing Heaven’s Divide

    1. A

      no, it’s not playing anything. It contains Heaven’s Divide but there is no audio in the game world to help you find it like most tapes

      1. Z

        It is ACTUALLY playing Heaven’s Divide. It’s just low volume, meaning that by the time you hear it, you’re already there.

  3. M
    Major Violation1`

    The tape is at the top of the elevator in the right hand corner. Go to the top of the silo and turn left down a few stairs and head around to the elevator. You need to look for it because it is not playing.

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