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Forward Operating Bases are outposts of Mother Base in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. They work independently from it, bringing in additional resources and money. You can have several (or none), but unlike Mother Base, they are susceptible to attacks by other players. To play this online PVP multiplayer mode, you’ll need to have PS+ subscription for PS4 and Xbox Live Gold for Xbox One/Xbox 360. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to build FOBs and how to protect them from infiltration.

How to build FOB

After Mission 22, you’ll get to build your first FOB. The first one is free, and you can build up to 4. When choosing the location to build an FOB, you’ll have to decide based on the availability of resources. You’ll see a chart with the amount of each resource ranked by letters (S is best, then A, then B…).

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Defending FOB

Other players will attack your FOBs, trying to steal your equipment, resources and even staff. When you’re online, you’ll be notified of this, so you can stop whatever you’re doing and defend it. If not, the automated defense will have to do.

  • If you decide to defend your FOB manually, you’ll be transported to the FOB so you can start tracking down the intruder.
  • When you or your soldiers spot him, he’ll be marked
  • Guards can fulton the intruder, that leads to your victory.
  • Your friends can help defend your FOB, if you are offline, but they can’t co-op with you.
  • The infiltration attempt goes on for 25 minutes
  • If you win, you learn the name of the attacker, so you can strike back.
  • If the attacker wins, he gets a material reward.
  • After an attack, you’ll have the chance to review the fight, learning where your security is most lacking, so you can upgrade it.

Best strategies for attacking FOB

At first, nobody’s going to have good defense. Attacking when the person is offline will almost guarantee a win. Being proficient in the single-player portion translates into being good at attacking FOBs without a live defender. When there’s another human being involved, though, you’ll have to try harder.

  • Your main objective will be to fool the other player and lead him into the wrong direction, or better yet, into a trap. You can knock him out, leaving him incapable to act for a while, which gives you time to raid his FOB, Fultoning containers, equipment and people.
  • Infiltrating undetected is your best bet.
  • When you invade, disable security devices like cameras and sensor by shooting them
  • Rewards scale according to how heavily fortified the base is.
  • You get punished for failing, including a ransom fee. Ransom is paid using GMP, and the sum is equal to deployment costs
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MB Coins Price

The price of Mother Base coins has been revealed, thanks to the listings on Playstation Store. The prices on Xbox and PC might not be the same, but it’s a good preview of what’s to come. Here’s what it’s going to look like:
  • 100 MB Coins – NZ $1.65 (~1 USD)
  • 550 MB Coins – NZ $7.95 (~5 USD)
  • 1150 MB Coins – NZ $15.95 (~11 USD)
  • 3500 MB Coins – NZ $48.95 (~35 USD)
  • 6000 MB Coins – NZ $79.95 (~57 USD)

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  1. C

    How do i start FOBs? i haven’t received the option to create one yet.

    1. C

      I am also having the same issue… Any ideas?

      1. A
        Abdullah Khalid Al-Marhuby

        You get it after completing mission 22

  2. O

    What if I don’t want to create the FOB after Mission 22? Is there an option for that?

    1. S

      it says you dont have to in this guide

  3. R

    @ Obscurans: It will keep popping up every time you start the game in online mode, just press back and switch to offline mode thatway you dont have to build it. but you will have to press back and switch to offline mode everytime you start the game…

  4. M

    Can I attack friends

  5. G
    Gabe Willson

    How to I invite people to my fob?

  6. P
    Paul Lemieux

    Yo, is there anyway you can invade your friends base?

    1. J
      jeff dreaver

      after u setup ur fob if u have friends on ur list with fob’s as well u should be able to attack. also if ur friends are offline u can help defend the fob for them

  7. G

    Me and another intruder were going back and fourth invading each other’s bases but now his name is not clickable on my “intruder” List so I can’t invade his base again. Is this permanent or have to wait a while before his name is clickable

  8. G

    I need to know how to add my friends to my supporters list please help …also where do i find my level

  9. M

    us PSN MB coin Prices:
    100mb $0.99
    550mb $4.99
    1150mb $9.99
    3500mb $29.99
    6000mb $49.99

    as you can see sony continues it’s loppsided pricing structure….

  10. J

    Ok so I made an FOB and everything but I go to check who I can attack and nothing comes up? I have no options to attack anybody… :/

  11. V

    What the fuck i m not buy these mb coin for real world money.

  12. R

    Please tell me this shit isn’t necessary? Can I ignore this shit altogether, and not have it effect my game? I have zero interest in competing for a base with anyone. I was happily enjoying my game 5 mins ago, now I’m worried someone is going to come and steal all my materials….

  13. C

    Let’s say I build an FOB base.

    I don’t want people attacking it. Is there a way to “pacifist” so that players WON’T attack?

  14. H
    Hans van Heijnsbergen

    how can i cat my offensive higer

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