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Cloaked in Silence is the 11th main mission in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. As you progress through the story you’ll hear about a crack sniper in the Afghan wilderness. It is highly unlikely that you’ll get this mission at the main mission screen. You’ll have to go the area of the objective in order to start it. Head to the Aabe Shifap Ruins in the northwestern part of Northern Kabul, Afghanistan.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

None, but you’ll get a new buddy soon afterwards, and that’s worth the time.

Mission Text

Eliminate the sniper known as Quiet.

Metal Gear Solid TPP Cloaked in Silence Quiet Mission

Eliminated Quiet

If you want to fight a sniper, you bring a sniper rifle. This is most likely the first response to the question How to defeat Quiet? If you decide this is your approach you’ll have to bait her to make a move, notice and mark her, change your location and shoot her. You’ll have to repeat this several times, as Quiet won’t go down easy.
Alternatively, you can find with your binoculars, then order a supply drop at her location. After she moves, repeat. Two supply drops should be enough to knock her out.

Determined what to do with Quiet

Shooting down Quiet starts the next and final mission task. I am not really sure if you can kill Quiet at this step or not, but doing nothing is what pays off best. Some people have reported killing her. If you want Quiet to be your buddy, do not shoot her.

Neutralized Quiet without hitting her with lethal weapons

How can you neutralize Quiet if you can approach her? The answer is rather simple, but not clear from the start. From time to time, as Quiet moves around, she will get into water. For reasons unknown (yet), she stands in it and remains stationary. This is when you rush toward her and use the sleeping darts.

Neutralized Quiet with non-firearm attacks

Just like in the previous step, wait for Quit to step into the water and start dancing under the rainbow. You can then get in contact with her and neutralize her without using firearms.

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  1. N

    I managed to run all the way up to where she started, without her jumping away, got as close as possible to her, but I did not get the physical attach prompt.
    Seems like, if you want to catch her, it must be while she is dancing under the rainbow..

    1. N

      One just needs to stay still or has to go some specific position before Quiet starts to dance?

  2. N

    when Quiet is in water, she is too happy to leave ?

    1. C

      Because the way quiet drinks and breathes is from the water.

  3. D

    I fought her for 2 in game days and she ran across the water several times, she never stopped and danced though, there has to be some special trigger for this …

    1. S

      Yeah that has never happened for me any of the times i have played this

      1. S

        Actually i just got it to happen, call in a rain weather modification

  4. J

    Sub is right. Get her in a position where she’s accessible, call in a weather mod – rain and she’ll begin to dance in the rain. From there, call in a supply drop. She’ll be too busy dancing to move. All four in one play. Glhf.

  5. M

    I used supple drop twice to knock her down, took me less than 5 mins. Boom!

  6. S

    The non lethal is actually far easier if you just call in a sleeping gas drop on her first sniping spot, takes her out immediately.
    Is considered a firearm for some dumb reason though

  7. R

    I just ran her down, and filled her with tranqs, easy enough to track once you get her with a head shot. Repeat 3 times and was finished.

  8. B

    she is my favourite boss battle and it took me ages to beat her just listen for humming or use your thermal goggles to find her

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