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Hellbound is the 12th mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. This mission brings another key character to Mother Base, therefore, more cool stuff awaits us.
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It is also a mandatory quest for gettingthe new buddy, D-Walker. In order to start the quest pay attention on the side op list. The quest that you want to start is “Make Contact with Emmerich“. Hellbound has an interesting, breathtaking ending.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

Mission Text

Aid in the defection of Dr. Emmerich, a scientist involved with secret Soviet weapons development. He is suspected of having a close connection with the group that attacked Mother Base 9 years ago.

Made contact with Dr. Emmerich

The first step is the end of the side ops mission. The step that gives out his final location is in the same area where the mission starts. Go up the metal stairs and find the document. Keep in mind that once you leave this area, the soldiers of Serak Power Plant will respawn.

Extracted Dr. Emmerich

Dr. Emmerich is located deep inside the Afghanistan Central Base Camp. This camp is heavily guarded with the support of a helicopter and many walkers. To make it easier, once you reach the base keep to your right. Keep following the wall until you reach the small guard outpost. From this point, head toward the nearby number 2 depot. There is one more depot you have to pass through, surrounded by soldiers. The final concrete depot has one entrance guarded by 2 soldiers.Once inside the main depot, use the walker found inside to take Dr.Emmerich with you. This walker has great firepower, but it doesn’t last for ever. Leave the camp and call the helicopter to extract you both. This is where the fun starts.

How to defeat Sahelanthropus?

As you are about to board the chopper, the new enemy creation called Sahelanthropus approaches. In order to board the chopper, you’ll have to make the it stay away from the landing zone (LZ) you want to use. As you can’t leave the mission area, you’ll have to use the two landing zones given to you. Send the chopper on the LZ away from you. As the Sahelanthropus goes to investigate this area, quickly give new commands to the chopper: send it back to the LZ close to you. You should be able to board while the Sahelanthropus goes to investigate the first LZ.The fight is not over yet. Use the machine gun on the chopper to hit the Sahelanthropus. As it shoots out the white tanks into the air, focus on them as your new priority. In the end, shoot it down for the mission to finish.

Extracted 3 Walker Gears from Central Base Camp

Lots of these Walker Gears are driven by soldiers. You can’t take down the driver if you are in front of it. Extracting this piece of gear also requires the Cargo 2 upgrade for the Fulton device.

Extrracted Dr. Emmerich without him taking damage

This is probably the hardest mission task. It is not that hard to protect Dr. Emmerich from other soldiers, Sahelanthropus makes the real problem. The first moments upon arrival of the creature are especially tough.

Secured the Glamor Model (Vertical) poster at Central Base Camp

It’s in the mech shop SE of the lab, north of damaged hanger. Go through the south door.
We would like to thank Bant for sending us additional information

Secured the blueprint at Central Base Camp

The blueprint is located in the eastern bunker. You should sneak around and not raise an alarm – if you do, the bunker will go into lockdown.

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  1. S

    For the Glamour poster, it’s in that blue shed like building next to the hangar that Emmerich is in, it’s handing on the wall just inside a door on the right side of that structure.

  2. R
    Ravyu Sivakumaran


    Even when the sahelanthropus doesn’t see me, it doesn’t chase the helicopters ive set to the far LZ. It still searches the area i am in regardless

  3. B

    For the poster, its in the mech shop SE of the lab, north of damaged hanger. Just in side the south door.

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Thank you for directions.

  4. B

    You can still get the blueprint if you capture the post

  5. K

    for some reason the door on the bunker is locked…. I’ve tried everything, any ideas on how to unlock it?

    1. A

      Go to other other side of the bunker.

    2. U

      one of the doors locks when enemies are in combat alert mode, make sure alert status is relatively low

  6. K

    Hey, as a heads up, you CAN actually take out the enemy if they’re facing you on a Walker Gear. All you need is something with high Penetration. You can shoot off the little window near where the Drivers face would be. It’ll take 2 shots, so be prepared.

  7. T

    I havea problem, the 1st time i played this mission i got the blueprint. But now it says i don’t have it in the mission discription, and it is not there anymore

  8. R

    Si no puede conseguir que funcione dame tu número

  9. F
    fuck mission 12

    fuck this mission

  10. L

    I already took the poster during a side mission and in the main mission the poster is no longer there? Is it now impossible for me to complete this objective? That’s awful game design if so…

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