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Extraordinary is the 38th story mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. It’s one of the shorter ones – you’ll need to snatch a film canister from an enemy outpost, preferably before reinforcements arrive. The soldiers you’ll fight will be armor-clad, so you’ll have a tough time using tranquilizer darts. Instead, you’d best rely on the stun arm, sleep grenades and CQC.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

  • Noise Suppresion Specialist

Mission text

Using the photograph in an informant’s final transmission, retrieve the film canister containing classified information.

Secured the film canister

The film canister is tiny, so the hardest part is spotting it. Thankfully, Spugmay Keep is not a large place. You’ll find it on one the southern supporting columns, embedded between the stone blocks.

Captured Spugmay Keep

To capture the area, you’ll have to take care of all the enemies there. They’re heavily armored, so if you’re going for the non-lethal approach, you’ll need more than tranquilizer rounds. The stun arm does a wonderful job, and so does CQC. If you can get them to group, a sleep grenade could be a great choice too.

Secured film canister before reinforcements arrived

mgs5 phantom pain extraordinary walkthroughThe reinforcements will arrive from the north, shortly after you land. It’s a jeep with a couple of soldiers. You can set an ambush for them by the road.

Extracted prisoner being held at Spugmay Keep, East Guard Post

Outpost #24 is the one. The prisoner is inside the small house. He is the Noise Suppersion Specialist from the rewards.

Extracted a griffon vulture near Spugmay Keep

mgs5 extraordinary griffon vultureThere’s more than a few vultures circling the ruins. They’ll land on the alcoves from time to time. Sit tight, wait for them to land, then tranquilize them.

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  1. L

    I wanted to add that the film canister isn’t always in the same spot. I’ve played this mission about 5 times, and I’ve found it in 3 different spots.

    1. B

      Seconding this, my first time through it was in a pot near the north entrance to the ruin.

    2. S

      It does change positions randomly, however the canister can be seen by equiping the NVG, so there’s no need torturing yourself trying to figure out the spot going by that garbled picture in the VI.

    3. A

      the correct place is on mission photos 😀

  2. J

    You also have to make sure the reinforcements from the SOUTH don’t arrive as well.

    1. R

      Yeah, this was annoying. I intercepted the northern reinforcements and went off to the prisoner yet still did not get the objective.

  3. M

    If you all think the riot suits are bullshit? That’s NOTHING compared to what just happened to me

    Obtains the “perfect stealth, no kills” bonus
    Rewards me with only an A-Rank

    1. H

      that really sucks man

    2. R

      U would have taken 2 long to complete mission or have bad accuracy

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