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Proxy War Without End is the 41st story mission in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. You’ll have to take on a small army this time – tanks, armored vehicles, armored soldiers and a gunship.
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Do not use Quiet as a buddy on this mission. There is currently a bug in the game that can corrupt your save if you take her with you here. Go with D-Walker, instead.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

  • Savage
  • Flamethrower Blueprint

Mission text

Eliminate the CFA armored column assembling to the north of Nova Braga Airport. The column contains many large-scale fighting vehicles.

Eliminated the gunship

The gunship will appear shorty after you arrive. It will go to outpost #14 and hover there for a while. Do not shoot it yet – if you do, you’ll kill the commander as well. Instead, let it fly to Nova Braga airport, and engage it after the commander is safely on the ground. Using a rocket launcher with homing missiles is the way to go here. D-Walker can also do a decent amount of damage, if you equip him with missiles.

Eliminated 2 tanks

You can either extract or destroy them. If you want to blow them up, either use D-Walker’s weapons, or a grenade/missile launcher of your own. You can also use mines. One of them is going to the airport from the south, another from the north.

Eliminated 2 armored vehicles

mgsv proxy war without end extract armored vehicleSame as with the tanks – one is following the southern tank, while the other separates from the northern one at some point. They’ll be marked on your map, so you don’t have to worry.

Extracted 2 tanks and 2 armored vehicles

Extracting the vehicles is even easier than destroying them – all you need to do is run up to them, get their attention (so that they stop), then fulton them before they even have a chance to shoot. You could also use EMP mines or leave D-Horse in the middle of the road to stop them.

Extracted the armored column’s commander

After riding the gunship, the commander will be in one of the buildings in the western part of the airport. You’ll recognize him by the red berret.

Secured the rough diamond hidden by the armored column’s commander

The diamond is on a shelf in the room where the commander was hiding (west of the terminal building). It’s worth 100,000 GMP.

Secured the blueprint the gunship was carrying

After you shoot down the chopper, watch it closely to see where it lands. The game might bug out and not show the wreckage, but the suitcase with the blueprint will be where the helicopter crashes.

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  1. H

    Be sure not to shoot down the Gunship when it reaches the Airport UNLESS you want to wait for the commander to enter the room with his diamonds and call in a bombardment whilst it’s hanging around the tanks, otherwise the gunship will flip out and land WAY out of the mission zone. At least this way, you can find it on the runway because the bombardment will take it out before it can gain altitude.

  2. J

    Bug’s been patched, I believe.

  3. K

    I think I had a bug or something, cause the Commander’s Helicopter came in to land but instead just hovered above the ground. I hadn’t triggered any Alerts, but using D-Walker and the Fulton-Ballista I’d already extracted all of the armoured vehicles and tanks. I went to the airport and snuck up onto the roof, then used the Phantom Cigar. The Heli arrived but just hovered their, and the commander never came out of the Helicopter. I even switched Buddies out for DD and he never marked him at all.

    1. K

      Wait, nevermind anything I just said. I entirely misunderstood the mission layout.

    2. F

      The same thing happened to me, how did you get past this part?

  4. M

    how do you unlock this mission after mission 40? i can’t to do it at the moment

    1. S

      you need to do all of the kid rescuing side ops

  5. C

    Guys,aftr finishing mission 24 i exist frm the game and aftr next day when i tryed to start the game but it didnt and it sayed “3dmgame.dll missing” .aftr that my whole save files has been deleted . What happened ?. Now i has to start in begins. . When it happened my buddy was quiet . Bt it was mission 24 not mission 29 or 42. What should i do? Help me

    1. K

      First thing – Buy that game.
      Second thing – Your antivirus software has deleted the crack from it.

      1. C

        Thankz mchn.i got some save files frm my frnd 🙂

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