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Pitch Dark is the thirteenth main mission in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. As the mission goes on, it gets progressively harder due to patrols getting tighter, and the presence of Walkers. The main objectives here are to shut down the oil transfer pump and destroy the oily separator tank. Some of the secondary objectives can be accomplished in the first village you come upon on your way to the main objective.

The Village of Bwaya La Masa has a light defense, with guards usually patrolling alone. You will have no problem moving through the village and dispatching them one by one, while using the many houses as cover. Once you pass the village, it’s a half mile run to the oilfield facility. You will be approaching the facility from a cliff on higher ground, which you can use to your advantage to mark almost all the guards. Once done, slide down and use the drainage pipeline on the left to enter the oilfield.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

Mission Text

Crude Oil is leaking from an oilfield facility occupied by local forces. To stop the leak, shut down the facility’s oil transfer pump, and use explosives to destroy the oily water separator tank.

Metal Gear Solid TPP Pitch Dark Mission

Destroy the oily water separator tank

To reach the separator tank (if your point of entry was the drainage pipe), simply stick to the left side of the platform all the way until you reach an opening to the lower platform. Descend and eliminate the guard close to the power switch. Proceed left up the stairs, pick the lock on the door and place the C4 on the separator tank.Note: Once you trigger the C4 and destroy the tank, a squad accompanied by Walkers will come to seal off the oilfield. Tip: Detonate it together with the oil transfer pump, after clearing the area of enemies. This will give you time to proceed onto the Walker side objective should you wish to.

Shut Down the oil transfer pump

Proceeding from the oily water separator tank, go through the lower platform, eliminating the patrols coming there. Be mindful of the guards on the upper levels. They are the main threat, and should be tranquillized (if you are going for a stealth approach) quickly.Note: Do not detonate the oily water separator tank, unless you want the entire facility to go on constant alert.

Extract the 4 child soldiers being trained at Masa Village

The child soldiers are in the very first village you come upon, Bwaya La Masa. You’ll have to sneak in – if you raise an alarm, the children will run off. Since you probably won’t have the Child Fulton upgrade at this point, you can either carry them to the chopper or put them in a vehicle, then fulton the vehicle itself.
Big thanks to Luke for the tip.

Exfiltrated the hot zone before Mfinda Oilfield is Sealed Off

Metal Gear Solid TPP Pitch Dark Mission 15Once the pump and/or separator tank are destroyed, the enemy will close in with infantry and Walkers to seal off the oilfield. Make sure you are outside the facility, ready for an easy escape once you detonate the pump and the separator tank simultaneously.

Extract the Lappet-Faced Vulture that wandered into the burned-down village

If you don’t have the bait bottle, this one might boil down to patience. When you get to the village, you’ll see the vulture circling above the burn site. You can try to hit him while he’s in the air (slim chance), or just sit tight and wait for him to land. Perhaps Quiet can hit him more eaisly, but we haven’t tried that.

Extract the 4 walker gears sealing off Mfinda Oilfield

Once the main objectives (the pump and the oily water separator tank) are destroyed, an alarm will be triggered, bringing in Walkers. You could dispatch the drivers from the upper levels, as you will be too vulnerable on the ground, in the open.

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  1. D

    “Exfiltrated the hot zone before Mfinda Oilfield is Sealed Off” How it’s possible that I’m doing this and i don’t have this goal? What I’m doing wrong? Any advice?

    1. A

      same here tried everything. even tried to detonate c4 while flying away in the chopper.

    2. D

      Ok i got it, you need to clear whole area to capture the Mfinda Oilfield (just kill all enemy there and don’t trigger alarm), then set some decoys on route where walkers are coming and then blow up that thing and run as hell.

  2. L

    A note on the child soldiers: You can’t fulton them out, and carrying them one by one to the starting point is annoying, so once you have the cargo2 update for the fulton, just place three of them into the car at the exit of the village (towards the oil field) and fulton them out in the car (just don’t accidentally run over them with the car…). The last one you seemingly have to carry around with you? Maybe there’s an anti-air thing that I missed that unlocks a closer landing point. Also, they run away (and disappear from the map, at least in my first try) if you trigger an alarm, so approach stealthily and quickly take out the two guards near them.

    1. A

      You can use D-horse or summon a car of your own to exfiltrate the last one

  3. A

    Exfiltrated the hot zone before Mfinda Oilfield is Sealed Off: extract on top of one of the material containers.

  4. N

    Just to add another way to complete “Exfiltrated the hot zone before Mfinda Oilfield is Sealed Off”:

    -Turn off the switch first
    -Get as far as the oilfield as you can (without leaving the mission area)
    -Bomb the oil tank using your iDroid
    -After the cutscene you will be magically closer que the base but you’ll have plenty of time to run away from it (careful with the 2 D-Walkers you’ll find in your way out)

  5. J

    I only find 2 Walker Gears every time…?

  6. M

    Figured out the exfiltrate hotzone challenge! All you have to do after you shut down the oil pump and plant the c4 is stand near a materials container, detonate the c4, watch the cutscene and then exfiltrate via extracting the container while you are on it while pressing the action button

  7. S
    Sanctuary Remix

    An easy way to get the vulture without dead-eye accuracy or a bait bottle, is to go at night to the burned village with D-Dog. Birds tend to be perched during the night hours, and with DD there to point out the vulture wherever it may have landed, you can easily get it without fuss. It ended up just standing on the ground when I arrived at the village, so best of luck to everyone else.

  8. R

    any one know where that bloody blue print transportation specialist is i cant find it every vid chat i come across know one bloody mensioned it at all . yet its there in the ruddy title tra spec….. ( its bugging me now somebody please for the life of god tell where it is )

  9. C

    Shooting the bird out if the sky isn’t that hard took 2 tries

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