How To Make GMP Money In MGSV: The Phantom Pain

Making money or GMP (Gross Military Product) in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain can be hard. There are many expenses tied to being head of a mercenary company, and the upkeep for a base in the middle of the ocean can be too much.
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In this guide, we’re going to tell you how to earn money in MGSV.

How To Earn GMP currency

There are several ways of creating a steady income, beside taking on regular missions:
  • Go on Side OPs. These are short, non-essential missions which will reward you with GMP, among other things.
  • Send staff on Dispatch Missions. They do the work, you take the prize. It’s the best thing ever. You’ll need a Combat Unit Platform at Mother Base, though.
  • Look for rough diamonds. There’s hundreds of them scattered across the maps. Most of them are worth a paltry 10,000 GMP, but there are some that go for a 100,000 GMP. They’ll even appear on Mother Base platforms at times.
  • Sell what you don’t need. Every piece of equipment you Fulton out of the field can be sold. Raw materials can be sold. Medicinal plants can be sold. Sell the stuff you’re not using if you’re short on cash.

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  1. A

    Have can I sell the staff I do not need?

  2. A

    How can I sell the staff I don’t need?

    1. S

      You can’t sell staff since, but you can fire them. Go to staff management, select the units you want to get rid of, then “move” them to the dismiss option instead of one of the units.

      Most of the time you won’t need to dismiss people since new staff replace the lowest rank staff first.

      1. A

        Thanks SL, but if you have a look to last sentence of above text “Sell the stuff you’re not using if you’re short on cash”?!

  3. S

    Selling equipment is now discouraged since pretty much everything contributes to your durability, offensive capability, and defensive capability for PF rank battles. Accumulating equipment means you’ll get into higher rank battles and earning more PF points sooner, which can get you S++ staff.

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