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Posters are collectible items in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. There are six of them to be found throughout the game.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you all poster locations in MGSV.

Soviet Soldier Poster

The soldier posters are quite common. One of them can be found in the Eastern Communications Post, in the central building. You’ll see it on the side of a metal container.

Glamor Model Horizontal Poster

You can find this one in the Eastern Communications Post, in the building in the middle of the camp. It’s on the wall in the room with the comms equipment you have to destroy during the C2W mission.

There’s another one in Angola, at Nova Braga Airport. Go to the biggest building in the north-western part of the airport. You’ll find the poster in one of the rooms on ground floor.

Idol Girl Vertical Poster

This one will show up at Mother Base at some point. It will be on the Command Platform, next to the portable shower.

Glamor Model Vertical Poster

It is located in a small garage in the north-eastern part of Nova Braga Airport, Angola. You’ll find it on the wall between two shelves.

PF Soldier Poster

These are as common as the regular soldier ones are, only in Angola. We’ve found a couple at Nova Braga Airport. The first one is in the large terminal building in the north-western part of the airport.

The second one can be found in one of the garages in the north-western area, behind the large building.

Idol Girl Horizontal Poster

As with the other Idol Girl poster, this one will show up at Mother Base after some time. We found it on the Command Platform after Mission 18.

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