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Key Items are badges you can receive in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. You get them for performing certain actions, and in return, they unlock various abilities, items and improvements.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get all key items and what they unlock.

mgs5 phantom pain key items guide

How To Get Key Items

When you do what you’re supposed to, you’ll automatically receive the key item. They are more like awards than actual items – you can’t touch them, or use them personally. They unlock research and abilities, helping you in a more passive way.

NameHow to unlockReward
Children’s RewardRescue the children from the mines in Mission 18Water pistol becomes available for research
First Aid ManualSearch Masa Village after Mission 18Unlocks D-Dog Fulton Gear
Master Certificate (Marking)Mark 500 objects or peopleMakes enemy decoys more obvious
Master Certificate – FultonExtract 500 enemiesUnlocks Grade 3 Fulton upgrade
Grand Master Certificate – FultonExtract 1000 enemiesUnlocks F-Ballista for D-Walker
Master Certificate – BoxCollect all Invoices in Africa OR AfghanistaionUnlocks C-Box WR
Grand Master Certificate – BoxCollect all Invoices in Africa AND AfghanistanUnlocks C-Box SMK
Conch ShellComplete Side Op 113 – Eli’s ChallengeUnlocks Fulton upgrade
Skulls MacheteFinish Mission 29 – Metallic ArchaeaUnlocks Task-Arm SM for D-Walker
Strangelove’s MementoComplete Side Op 143 – Extract the A.I. PodUnlocks Bandana
Man on Fire (Corpse)Finish Side Op 144 – Secure the Remains of the Man on FireUnlocks Furicorn uniform for D-Horse
Quiet’s Examination ReportComplete Mission 40 – Cloaked in Silence [Extreme], OR watch cutscene Quiet’s interrogation at Mother BaseUnlocks Gray XOF uniform for Quiet
HandkerchiefFinish Mission 40 – Cloaked in Silence [Extreme]Unlocks Sniper Wolf uniform for Quiet
Emmerich’s Research NotesWatch the cutscene where Emmerch is exiled from Mother BaseUnlocks Stealth Camo Uniform
Master Certificate – StandardComplete every main mission except the ones on hardest difficulty with any rankUnlocks Cyborg Ninja uniform
Grand Master Certificate – StandardFinish all main missions with S rank (except Extreme, Subsistence and Total Stealth ones)Unlocks Raiden uniform
Master Certificate – EliteComplete all missions on high difficulty levels – Extreme, Subsistence, Total Stealth with any rankUnlocks Naked (Silver) uniform and Bionic Arm (silver) upgrade
Grand Master Certificate – EliteComplete all missions on high difficulty levels Extreme, Subsistence and Total Stealth with S RankUnlocks Naked (Gold) uniform
Star of BethlehemFinish the Phantom Pain’s secret Mission 46 – Truth: The Man Who Sold the WorldUnlocks Infinity Bandana (head)
The Codename: Big BossComplete the Phantom Pain’s secret Mission 46 – Truth: The Man Who Sold The WorldUnlocks Leather Jacket uniform


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  1. A

    Abit of a mistake there eh “Coplete Mission 40 – Cloaked in Silence [Extreme], OR watch cutscene Quiet’s interrogation at Mother Base” Might wanna change coplete to complete XD

  2. I

    Do i still get Sniper Wolf’s uniform for Quiet even if she left the base?

    1. B

      You can still get the key item for doing the extreme mission, but you can’t research the uniform after mission 45

      1. R

        You can get her back too by doing cloaked in silence 7 times after she leaves for good changes the name from replay to reunion

        1. N

          wait is that true ??

          1. R

            yes one hundred % true

  3. B

    Does it apply for ps3 and xbox 360 version also? Or just one and ps4? For cyborg ninja and raiden outfit

    1. I

      Nope in ps3 and x360 this items are included, all less the unique items of next-gen. BTW before doing 40 do a backup of your game and do missions of the history untill mision 45, that mission is critical. You lose something unique and maybe you wann keep it, so save before mission 40 and keep playing main ops missions. or see in internet what happens in that mission but better play and then decide to keep your game or use the backup.

  4. F

    Got the first aid manual, but it didn’t register for some reason and when i go back its not there anymore

  5. J

    wtf no patriot, theres always a patriot

  6. E

    Raiden outfit? WTF? This is the GRAY FOX outfit.

    1. J

      Gray fox is completing standard missions with rank A or below. In order to get the full on Raiden outfit. All Missions must be completed with S rank on standard game play (Aside from high difficulty missions.)

      1. B

        I’ve got all S ranking and still no Master Certificate.

    2. S

      You’re wrong, the raiden outfit will unlocking

      1. R

        I hav completed all 50 main mission with s rank excluding extream etc which is not in s no cyborg unlock 74 percent complete please help

  7. S

    Hello, How can I upgrade R&D level?!! Please answer me! Thank you so much!

  8. T

    So I got s rank for missions 1-32 but I haven’t seen unlocked Raiden outfit why’s that?

    1. S

      You need to complete 1-32, 35, 38, 41, 43, 45-46,

      1. P

        Hey i completed all 50 missions on rank S, still no cyborg and no raiden.. i only got the silver and gold suit for snake HELP PLS

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