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Occupation Forces is the main story mission in MGS5: Phantom Pain taking place in Northern Kabul, Afghanistan. This mission guide is here to help you complete all the optional/secret tasks and give you tips on how to complete the main objectives.
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Game recommends you bring a Missile weapon on this mission and if you did not work on your Mother Base up until now you probably won’t have developed your first Rocket Launcher. There are alternatives however and screenshots and guide bellow will tell you about them.

Mission Text

Eliminate the colonel who has been reassigned from Sakhra Ee Village to Smasei Fort, and prevent the tanks from redeploying to Smasei Fort.

Main objective walkthrough

Main objective consists of Secured the deployment plans, Eliminated all tanks and Eliminated the colonel tasks. You’ll first have to infiltrate Sakhra Ee Village to get the deployment plans. I recommend you go all the way to the top of the village and move behind the houses to the location of the plans. There are less enemies this way and stealth approach is easily done. After you get the plans Tank scene triggers and, together with the colonel, they start arriving to the village and continue their journey toward Smasei Fort.

Eliminated all tanks

Eliminating the tanks is easy if you have a missile launcher, but in case you do not there are several alternatives.
  • Use C4 explosive on the tanks. You will need to place 4x C4 to destroy one tank. This is best done at night, once the tanks arrive at Smasei Fort. You can place C4 on the road to the fort and this might destroy the tank tracks, but I haven’t tried this route.
  • If you interrogate enough soldiers in Sakhra Village they will tell you there’s a Soviet tank you can steal. It is easy to destroy the enemy tanks with this piece of gear, even before they get to Smasei fort. Screenshots bellow show the exact location
  • If you leveled up your Mother base enough and upgraded your Fulton extraction gear you can destroy the tank tracks with C4 and Fulton the tanks out of there. This will count toward the main objective and also count toward one of the secret tasks.

Extracted the colonel

colonel patroling Colonel is a highly skilled soldier and he will be a great asset for your Mother Base. I’ve extracted him during one of the playthroughs when the tanks got to Smasei Fort. He patrols the Fort’s grounds and there are a few openings where you can snag him without alerts.

Eliminated the colonel and all tanks before they reached Smasei Fort

This hidden objective is best done by stealing the other soviet tank (marked on a map screenshot above) and killing the tanks from long range. They won’t return fire and with several shots you will get them first.

Extracted the prisoner being held at Sakhra Ee Village

prisoner being held at Sakhra Ee Village location Prisoner’s location can be obtained by interrogating the soldiers at Sakhra Village, but you can also check out our screenshot of his exact location.

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