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Red Brass is the seventh main mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. This can be an extremely challenging mission, if you decide to extract all three highly skilled commanders. The point of the mission is not to alarm the commanders up to the point when they meet in the village. To make this super easy, two commanders arriving at the village go toward the same house where the meeting is being held. Knowing where this house is is the key to success.

Metal Gear Solid TPP Red Brass Mission 7
Keep in mind that the first commander already awaits them at the meeting point. Use the fact that there is a small number of soldiers located in the village until the first commander arrives. The other two commanders come from opposing directions, from their bases.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

All of the following is obtained by extracting all commanders and some members of their escort. If you haven’t obtained the blueprint from previous trips to this area, be sure to do it as you extract/kill the three commanders.

Mission Text

Three commanders of key Soviet units are holding an emergency meeting at Wialo Village. Use this opportunity to eliminate all of them at once.

Metal Gear Solid TPP Red Brass Mission

Eliminated the commander of the company stationed at Wialo Village

You can find this one at the meeting point. There are two/three guards near this spot. The easiest tactic is to get this one at the start, without waiting for the others to show up. Move the bodies of the commander and his guards away from the meeting house and the road.

Eliminated the commander of the platoon stationed at Shago Village

Metal Gear Solid TPP Red Brass Mission 5This is one of the two commanders that arrive in Da Wialo Kallai village for the meeting. If you don’t alarm the soldiers before their meeting, you can take him in Da Wialo Kallai.

Eliminated the commander of the platoon stationed at Wakh Sind Barracks

Metal Gear Solid TPP Red Brass Mission 7Just like with the previous commander, do not alarm the soldiers until he arrives to the meeting.

Extracted the commander and the soldiers riding his vehicle (4 total)

You can place your horse buddy on the road and order him to defecate. Once the car with the commander and his escort approaches, it will spin out of control and makes the passengers disoriented for a moment. At this point, it is highly unlikely you have the upgraded Fulton that can bring heavy objects like cars to Mother Base. While they are disoriented, you can approach and extract them by Fultoning either the car or them, one by one.

Extracted the 3 commanders

This sounds like a hard task, but it should be easy once you get into the meeting house before the two other commanders and await their arrival. Keep in mind that the soldiers that come with them scout the area ahead of the commanders’ arrival.

Listened to the end of the 3 commanders’ conversation

This is probably the hardest task you can accomplish, if you want to extract all three commanders to your base. Sneaking close to the meeting place does the job, but maybe you can use your binoculars to eavesdrop from afar, provided you have a clear line of sight (we haven’t tried this out).

Extracted 2 prisoners being held at Ghwandai Town

mgs5 red brass extract prisoners gwandaiThe prisoners are being held at different locations – one is in the largest building in the town centre, while the other is in one of the little houses up north. You can either interrogate the enemies at Gwandai Town until they give you the locations, or look at our map.
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  1. H

    If I extract the commanders in one playthrough then kill the commanders in a second playthrough will I lose them as recruits.

  2. R

    There is a building on the east side where you can climb and then listen to the conversation.

    Unfortunately I blew them up just after the greetings -_-

  3. L

    the binoculars work lol

  4. T

    Ok so I managed to go straight to the meeting place and traq all but one of the guards. I then distracted the commander outside then snuck im with a Carboard box. Now I’m just waiting and all he’s doing in walking around.
    Does anyone know if I need to do something to spark the meeting?

  5. C

    I’m quite surprised this guide didn’t mention it, but it’s way easier and tactically more sound to extract the two remote commanders en route to the meeting. I didn’t know this at the time, but they only travel in a single vehicle (not a convoy…rookie mistake) and they’ll stop the car and get out for the cardboard box of all things. If you want to capture them, plop it in the middle of the road and wait nearby. If you’re aiming to kill them, a simple IED along the road with C4 will do the trick nicely. Either way, it’s too easy and no witnesses or reinforcements.

    Go south at first for the commander coming from Shago, he doesn’t take long. Then ride D-Horse north towards the road to Wakh Sind Barracks, completely passing the meeting place (Wialo Village) on the way… that guy can wait. To hit the Wakh Sind commander’s vehicle I waited quite a while with my trap, until for some strange reason he came up the road *northbound* to my rear, even though the map indicates his direction of travel being southbound. In any case, my box still caused him to pull over and I extracted him with ease.

  6. B

    Tranquilizing them or using a Sleep mine on the jeep will get them to nap. After that I just picked them and put them back in the jeep then Fulton’ed to complete the side mission objective.

  7. I

    The first one got 2 C4s….the second a rocket propelled grenade….and the third a bullet in his surprised face …. done in 10 minutes with an S rank…and then they tell me that i could eavesdtop :-p damn… the mission said eliminate 🙁

  8. C

    In order to listen to the conversation I quickly inflitrated and hid in the dumpster outside of their meeting building.

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