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Where do bees sleep is the first mission in Metal Gear Solid 5 where you’ll have a mini boss encounter. It is the sixth mission of Chapter 1 and is one of the longer and more fun missions in the first half of the game. You will probably have to come back and redo this mission once you’ve progressed more through the game and have better gear, because some of the secret tasks are almost impossible when you first do this mission. Our walkthrough bellow will try and help you do all the objectives with tips and screenshots.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

All of the following are obtained by extracting an enemy soldier that has the appropriate skill (scan them with upgraded binoculars to identify them)
  • Diplomat
  • Tough Guy
  • Quick Reload

Mission Text

Recover the U.S. military’s new weapon, code-named Honey Bee, hidden at Smasei Fort. The Soviets are also after it.

Secured the Honey Bee and Eliminated the Skulls

Honey Bee is hidden deep inside the caves in the mountains. Your best bet is to free and talk to the Hamid survivor. You will first encounter him on the bridge, on your way to the mission location. You probably won’t be able to get to him there so the next time you’ll see him is at the Smasei Fort. He is all the way in the back of the fort guarded by several soldiers. You best create a diversion on the side opposite of the Hamid survivor and sneak all the way to him, because the guards will abandon their post looking for you on the other side. Once you talk to him he will mark the location of Honey Bee on your iDroid. Make sure to extract him so you complete one of the secret tasks bellow. I can’t really help you navigate the cave system in the mountain, so you better just enter it and make progress towards the yellow mission marker.

How to fight the Skulls?

You will have a fight with the Skulls next. Use the Honey Bee for an easier fight, but that will prevent you from completing one of the secret tasks bellow. Otherwise, keep moving constantly and try and focus fire one at the time (doing headshots helps a lot). If you have grenades, C4 or anything else high powered it helps the fight a lot. Honey Bee really kills them fast if you shoot it while they are grouped together. In my first try I managed to eliminate them with 2 shots from the Honey Bee and rest with my assault rifle. You can also try and get into a car and try and run away from them, but that will void “Eliminated the Skulls” task. I did not confirm it yet, but it may be possible that you have to kill just one Skull soldier to complete the secret task and run away from the others (killing all Skulls gives you higher score bonus at the end of the mission). In the end, if you used the Honey Bee on Skulls, you might as well use it one more time and destroy the Soviet gunship flying in the area for completion of another secret task.

Secured the Honey Bee with its ammunition intact

Don’t use all of the the Rocket launcher’s ammo on killing the Skulls. Hard to do, but that’s the trick.

Extracted the prisoner who cannot speak

You’ll first encounter the prisoner at Mountain Relay Base. You have a limited amount of time to get to him there. If you keep left of the road, hugging the hillside, you can sneak by all the guards and patrols, until you get to the four or five soldiers holding the Hamid prisoner. You will have to take all of them out and extract the prisoner. This will probably raise an alarm and snipers will start shooting at you so be vigilant. If you miss the extraction at this point and guards drive away with the prisoner, you will find in the northern part of Smasei Fort. If you manage to sneak up to him without any guards of his left standing (or distracted somewhere else) you can extract him after you talk to him.

Extracted 2 snipers at the Mountain Relay Base

Mountain Relay Base is the first enemy base you come across as you do this mission (the one with the big bridge and where you’ll probably see the Hamid prisoner for the first time). You can’t really recognize the snipers by scanning soldiers with your binoculars tool. Instead, look at the weapon the soldiers are carrying to get a fix on sniper’s location. One is usually before the bridge, under some canopy and the other is once you cross the bridge and approach the exit ramp (near the houses close to the exit ramp). GOSU Tip: You can approach both snipers by keeping to your left side as you enter the base and climb up the hill as much as you can, and then keep as close to the hill until you approach the sniper’s location. This helps you stay undetected even during daytime (you might have to hide on your horse or crouch if you are going by foot).

Eliminated the gunship

Use the Honey Bee on it if you already used it on the Skulls and have some ammo left. Otherwise, come back and do this mission once you developed a missile launcher or something that can take this bird out of the sky. Gunship will patrol the area, but you can catch him hovering above the guard post marked with number 17 on the map. I found this to be a good spot to take it out.

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  1. K

    Extract prisoner: you can run under the bridge and assault the guards on the other side. It’s very fast and saves you trouble of chasing down the deaf guy.

    Kill helicopter: you just call in a gunship, and watch a badass dogfight (limits rank to A though)

    1. M

      Hey does the honey bee spawn even if you didn’t talk to him?

  2. R

    “I can’t really help you navigate the cave system in the mountain, so you better just enter it and make progress towards the yellow mission marker.”

    That’s like the hard part of this mission though.

  3. E

    I didn’t use it on this mission as i wanter to be quiet, but I’m pretty sure there is an anti air turret in the valley with the helicopter. The tunnels are really confusing…. but he’s right. There wasn’t much he could do to help… except film running through from the entrance through in one go.

  4. J

    Grenade launcher makes short work of the Skulls and you won’t have to use the Honey Bee. Also, once you defeat the Skulls the main area in front of the Smasei fort is open for plundering as all the guards are knocked out. So it’s worth actually defeating the Skulls an not running.

    1. M

      I ran away from the skulls and after a distance the fog lifted and skulls gone, so i returned and plundered the base and fultoned every sleeping soldier..

  5. I

    Quick Reload specialist!
    Where to look for?

    1. J

      nope can’t find that guy i fultoned every single enemy in whole mission area from start to finish still dont have it.

      1. M

        Any updates on the quick reload skill?

        1. S

          Around a dozen times mission completed and still haven’t found him :/

    2. G

      I am also looking for this quck reload skill

  6. K

    One of the snipers (they both wear hats and no armor, their guns have huge scopes so its obvious) is under the canopy area before you cross the bridge and the other is by the buildings near the end of the Mountain Base. The small area with the buildings, the material containers, and a spotlight.

  7. L

    You don ‘t need to use the HoneyBee to whack the chopper… you can do it with the AA gun the soviets conveniently left for you. Or, if you have the needed items unlocked, use a underbarrel launcher to swat it out of the sky. In a pinch, even one of the many machine gun nests in the area will do. Of course, you’ll need to piss off the gunship in the first place, but luckily it’ll follow you damn near everywhere and will come right to you.

  8. C

    I moved to slow and the soviets executed the prisoner just 1 minute before I reached him.

  9. T

    A way to eliminate all the skulls is by getting in the gaurd tower. rest till you can take on bullets again and shoot at them all. works fine.

  10. V
    Victor Rodriguez

    I killed the skulls with the guns emplacements, fast and easy without using the honey bee’s!

  11. C

    Actually there’s a trick in using honey bee. Just bring thr Grom-11 rocket launcher to this mission. Don’t use any ammo of it otherwise u may have to request for the refill before exchange it with honey bee. After the fight with skulls, head back to where u made the exchange with the grom-RL -11, and touch it to replenish honey bee anmo. The rules is the count down of the honey bee ammo must be 7( complete). Then u shall unlocked the objective upon No use of honey bee.

  12. E

    Hi I still dont know of someone sees these comments, anyway, I just want to say, I used the honey bee on the skulls, and left the one missile on the barrel, brought down the gunship with the AA, and the game counted the objective of ammunition intact as completed. I couldn’t believe it either l, but it counts as completed i guess they give you more if you don’t use it at all, but it still means you can use it and still complete the objective.

  13. P
    PSN: QuadTiger556

    I might just be a fool for trying this but I came back with a full bond of quiet with Brennan LRS-46 against the skulls turns out that anti-material rifle works great against the gunship too so you can do it before you get to Da Samsei Laman therefore you have all rocket ammo and eliminated the skulls

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