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Metallic Archaea is a main mission in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It’s the 29th story mission – one of the shorter ones, but scary and exciting nontheless. Your main task will be to survive a battle with 5 Skulls, without the option to escape. To make things more interesting, a bunch of puppet soldiers will be roaming the battlefield slowly, looking to grab you.

mgs5 metallic archaea walkthrough

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

None. This is essentially a boss battle.

Mission Text

Fight off the Skulls’ assault, and return to base with Code Talker. An unusual mist has blanketed the area. The Skulls must be eliminated before it will clear.

Eliminated the Skulls

There will be 5 Skulls and a bunch of zombified puppet soldiers. You won’t be able to request supply drops, so you should make every shot count. Your best bet is to take D-Walker with you – even with the gatling gun, he does a whole lot of damage. Having a rocket launcher in your loadout helps out a great deal, too. Zoom around the field, try to separate the enemies and pick them off one by one. Beware of the black smoke, though – it damages D-Walker.

Extracted Code Talker

After the fight is over, just take him to the landing zone nearby.

Completed the mission without being grabbed by a puppet soldier

Riding D-Walker during the fight makes it almost impossible for the zombies to keep up, let alone attack you. If you run out of ammo for the robot, make sure you dismount away from the soldiers, and relocate if they close in.

Extracted the Skulls

Skulls don’t die when you shoot them. You don’t need to use a non-lethal weapon – just don’t forget to Fulton them after the fight is over.

Previous Mission
Code Talker
Next Mission
Skull Face

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  1. M

    I just did that mission for the first time, I was going to extract but as soon as the mist cleared the skulls ran away. Can’t extract during the fight. How do you extract them?

    1. B

      you get a special skill for it a bit later, as soon as you got it just replay this mission, make sure to mark them skulls to see where they at, beat them, extract them 🙂
      I extracted one as soon as he got down, then took the next down and extracted him

  2. T

    Having the D-Walker with gatling gun make this mission ridicuously easy, Each Skull was killed by me when they are “passing gas” just by spamming the fire button.

  3. A

    A real easy way to do this mission and get S is bring nothing but decoys.

    Nearby there is an AA gun, toss a few decoys in view of it and just open fire on the skulls.

  4. S

    You can order supply drops though?
    Either by using the map, or using supply grenades. They aren’t blocked off.

  5. I

    you can fulton the Skulls one by one without killing (stoping) all of them

  6. D

    dont use the rocket launcher D-Walker, its shitty. i used that and grenade launcher/rocket launcher duo and i gave up after 10x restarts. used the 1000 round gatling and handled business in 2-3 minutes

  7. F

    Listen people, if you would just listen to the tapes you would know exactly what to do. I finished this in 5 min with my horse and the water pistol.

  8. J

    I just used weather modification -> rain with great success. That seemed to make them stop for a few moments during which time Quiet and the occasional bombardment plus a rocket or two from my side killed them.

  9. A

    Oh Great tip about the water. Will try that later.

    My preferred loadout: Serval or Brennan anti material sniper rifles. The greater the penetration stat, the better. I thought that RPG’s were poor in comparison. Uragan Slug Shot, and MRS rifle. A grenade launcher to take out the flying rocks is an option too.
    Equip Quiet with a Brennan rifle too. She’ll do a lot of the graft.
    Wear your Battle dress.

    1: mark the 4 Skulls Asap.
    2: headshot if you can, chest shot if u can’t. The important thing is to destroy the outer grey armor to expose the flesh underneath. That will then damage them to knock-out.
    3: lead the Skulls down between the outbuildings so u have cover but be aware of Quiet’s range and line of sight.
    4: if the Skulls bug out part way thru attacking it’s cos the rock flinging ones are active. Shoot the rocks or take cover.
    5: if the Skulls get low health levels they’ll summon blue parasite covered stalagmites. Destroy or kite round it and hit them again or they’ll regenerate and undo your good work.
    6: try to target one or two Skulls at a time. On your later playthrough’s when you’ve gained ability to extract parasites, fulton the bodies asap as they disappear after a short time.

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