Sahelanthropus Walkthrough | MGSV: The Phantom Pain

Sahelanthropus is the 31st mission in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This is when you’ll finally get to fight the giant bipedal robot you first saw while rescuing Dr. Emmerich in Mission 12: Hellbound. The fight is tricky, but with the right approach, you can easily win.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

There are none – but you’ll get to drag the giant robot back to your base.

Mission Text

Prevent the combat deployment of the upright bipedal weapon Sahelanthropus, and take vengeance on Skull Face.

mgsv sahelanthropus boss guide

Destroyed Sahelanthropus

Equip yourself with a rocket launcher and a grenade launcher. The easy way to do this is to kite the robot around a rock that’s tall enough so that he can’t see you behind it. His stomach is his weak spot. There’s several attacks you should look out for:
  • When he whips out the fiery sword, he’s going to slam it into the ground, making spikes pop up in a straight line. Try to dodge them by jumping to the side at the right time.
  • When he shoots the white rockets into the sky, go into hiding.
  • When he turns into a turret, you’ll have to be quick when jumping out of hiding to shoot him, and change sides after every shot.

Destroyed Sahelanthropus’s head

We haven’t managed to do this, but it’s probably done by aiming for his head most of the time.

Successfully hit the floating boy with an attack

mgs5 mission 31 hit floating boyThe floating boy will appear from time to time, triggering reflex mode when he does. When this happens, just turn towards Sahelanthropus and wait for the boy to enter your field of view, then chuck a rocket or a grenade at him. He’s not hard to hit (like he was the first time around), but you’ll have to have a direct line of sight to the robot.

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Skull Face
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  1. J

    An easier way to do this is to get into the APC (head right and down the road at the start) and spam attack with the gun. You can completely deplete his health completely within 3mins if you’re after an S rank and don’t care too much about the extra objectives. Plus, the APC absorbs any damage he manages to throw your way.

    He also won’t use his Railgun.

    You also won’t see Mantis… But oh well.

    1. T

      Exactly how I did it. First try. Just drive forward or backward a little every time he gets ready to attack so that he doesn’t do enough damage to destroy the APC.

      1. T

        Believe it or not, he picked me up and threw me somewhere I couldn’t drive, and he got completely out of my line of sight. He only had a little bit of life left, and it was Quiet that took him down the rest of the way.

  2. J

    Alternatively, if you’re after a challenge, stay out of the APC, spam rockets at the white tubes on the back until they’re destroyed and then focus on his chest / head. Just watch out for his smoke grenade portion (the map will go red – equip your NVG to see him) and his Railgun attack (just hide somewhere far away). He’ll also no doubt shoot down Pequod, so at this point the APC or Tank mentioned before would be the safer option from there on out.

  3. H

    I achieved the “Destroy Sahelanthropos’ Head” requirement on the [EXTREME] version of this level- it only popped once the mission was complete though. I think it has something to do with destroying the four white cylinders/tubes on his back (Miller will praise your skeelz after each one) as well as hitting the two cylinders on his front a few times. The boss was on sparks by the time the battle was done so that may be a good indication of whether you’re on the right track or not. I’ll test it out on the normal version tomorrow, but yeah… I’m positive you have to weaken it from a few angles for the head to finally give in.

    1. H

      Destroy the 6 weak points then sock it in the head a few times with your rocket launcher- I got it when he was shooting his blue laser upon the landscape. I was using the FB MR Launcher (L5) at the time.

    2. T

      An easy way to get the head task is to wait until the point where walker gear starts jumping at you and the gasmask boy appears. Shoot the boy once and sahelantropus will be disabled infront of you with its head lowered. Now you can unload on the head freely.

  4. C

    Iv found an easy way to destroy the head on extreme by just calling on an airstrike on his head while he was in railgun form

    also the fight is much easier if u kite with a fully maxed ammo d-walker minigun

  5. D

    I ride the walker halfway down to the tank, call a supply drop, ride down to the tank and ditch the walker then use the tank to deplete its health. when he throws his grenade to demobilize the armor, i switch back to the walker with the rail gun and focus on his center more, maybe hit a couple of the white tanks until he starts leaping at you with his rail gun attack. i use the grangum pistol to hit mantis and then launchers at his belly until he is defeated.

  6. A

    To destroy Sahelanthropus’s head, shoot it when he’s roaring

  7. M

    Bare bones story, clunky controls and tedious sneaking. They sacrificed everything for an open world in which a slight slope stops your progress. Poor game but gets away with it because everyone is sucked into the we hate Konami and must love kojima trend

    1. R

      super relevant. thanks.

      jk it wasn’t relevant. that was me being sarcastic.

    2. A
      Anduin Arilan

      MSG V is only 2/3’s finished because of Konami, not Kojima. If you’re gonna hate MSGV and Kojima because of the open world concept, fine.

      But Kojima didnt force Konami to make Erotic Violence (ie RAPE) pachinko, didnt force Konami to abuse their workers like grunts, didnt force Konami to remove themselves from the US stock exchange, didnt force them out of AAA game development. I could go on and on and on… If this was all Kojima’s fault, shouldn’t the shitstorm ceased when he left?

      Thats the little niggle in your fantasy world you call reality.

      1. W

        Oh shush… mgsv was fine, awesome either way. Wish you kids would stop bitching.

        1. J

          Calls another poster a kid.

          Has his name as “What kind of name is Anduin lol”.

  8. L

    Just thought I’d say, when doing the fight myself for the first time, I got put in a situation where the floating boy didn’t appear until Sahelanthropus was nearly dead, and when he did, I missed him with a rocket (I know, my aim sucks), but the rocket hit Sahelanthropus and destroyed its head, and the explosion hit the floating boy, which counted as the mission objective.

  9. A

    Just confirmed you need to hit Sahelanthropus’ head until it’s smoking out to complete the 2nd mission task.

  10. A

    2 minute only there is a cliff at the second uturn just drop on it and shoot him until the end he cannot do anything,

  11. L

    Has anyone ever managed to avoid getting Pequod shot down during this mission? He won’t leave no matter how many times I try to dismiss him.

    1. A

      Agreed that Pequod is a sucker for punishment and will come back time and again. He WILL turn back if you tell him to before he engages in a firefight but I found that I had to do it repeatedly each time he came out and each time he deployed.
      Preferred loadout: MB Rocket launcher (max or high level), A semi-auto Grenade Launcher, Uragan pistol with decent birdshot spread

      The trick to protecting Pequod is that as soon as he starts engaging, Sahelathropus completely forgets about you. So if you want to save heroism and protect him. Pequod should only be turning out after you’ve hit the white tanks on Sahelthropus’ back so ignore them.
      Sahelanthropus will shake his head and roar which is time to hit that with Rocket Launcher. He posture for a little then launch his counter measures.
      As soon as the Pods launch, switch to the Uragan and target them. Pequod can normally last a couple of hits but take out as many as you can. Maybe increase aiming sensitivity in settings to improve aiming speed. Then in his cooldown RPG or grenade Sahelanthropus’ abdomen. Especially when it glows orange.

  12. P
    Paritosh Kulkarni

    I destroyed head all tasks complete used rocket launcher and tank lot of times, especially in reflex

  13. R

    I destroyed Sahelantrophus in one try. Easy way. Just hide UNDER Sahelantrophus every time. That way it’ll be harder for it to target you, and easier for you to aim the it’s head, and the masker child when he appears. Use bazooka/rocket launcher. Fast reload, always aim for head. Twice resupply ammo. Use the battle dress.

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