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To Know Too Much is story mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, the 32nd in line. It will take you back to Afghanistan to save a CIA agent from execution, and if you’re looking to finish just the main objectives, it will be over before you know it. The secondary mission tasks are a bit more complicated, however.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

  • Climber
  • Rocket Control Specialist
  • Electromagnetic Net Specialist

Mission text

A Soviet soldier who had been collaborating with the CIA has gone mission. Extract this CIA mole.

Extracted CIA agent

This one is as straightforward as they get. When you start the mission, the yellow marker will be halfway between Shago Village and Lamar Khaate Palace. You’ll find the soldier in that area.

Extracted CIA agent before his discovery by the search team

The easiest way to do this is by taking D-Walker or D-Horse and rushing towards the soldier. You could also pick off the search party one by one (there’s 4 of them) before they find him, if you feel confident about your shot.

Extracted 4 search team soldiers

mgs5 to know too much extract search teamWhen they find him, the search team soldiers will stand with their backs to each other. This makes them easy targets for someone with a suppressed tranq rifle – none of them will notice you putting the other ones to sleep.

Extracted driver of transport vehicle

mgsv mission 32 extract transport driverOnce the search party finds the CIA agent, a jeep will head for their location. Hit him with a sleeping dart as he arrives. If you’ve extracted the agent before they found him, you’ll find the driver at the palace.

Extracted 2 prisoners being held in Shago Village and Lamar Khaate Palace

The prisoner in Lamar Khaate Palace is in one of the steel cells a bit north of the palace. The one in Shago Village can be found on the upper floor of the big building.

Extracted the Soviet soldier planning to assassinate the CIA agent

If you let the search party capture the agent, the jeep will take him to Lamar Khaate Palace. You can then find a good spot where you can see him from, wait for the executioner to reveal himself, then tranquilise him before he can kill the agent.

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  1. N

    I extracted everybody on the Palace and the Soviet soldier who’s planning to assassinate the CIA agent wasn’t there.

    1. H

      Yeah he rocks up later from the North in his own jeep when the agent’s been brought to the Palace. At first there’ll be a helmeted chap standing vigil over the prisoner until the executioner rocks up so if you want to get him out of the way and just wait behind the building then that should be enough.

  2. F

    So every time I let the Prisoner get picked up and brought to the Palace, some of the other guards get alerted randomly from seeing him and then call it in and CP tells them to dispose of him like in the playbook. So because of this I cannot get the Executioner to appear and take him out.. any ideas?

    1. G

      Hey pal, I may have a solution, I had to restart the mission since i was having the same problem, the solution was letting the four walking gears escort the prisioner then I just waited for the soldier

  3. M
    Mike G

    There’s a glitch on this mission. I used D horse to spin the vehicle out of control, and if you put the prisoner on D horse’s back he magically teleports back to the vehicle.

  4. F

    Why can’t i get misi 35??? Whats wrong??? i can’t calling heli for an a pick up…

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