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Cursed Legacy is the 35th story mission in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. You’ll be tasked with finding and retrieving Code Talker’s research, held in 2 containers in the forest southwest of Lufwa Valley. The enemies you’ll encounter will be heavily armored, so don’t count on being able to put them to sleep easily.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

  • Quick Reload

Mission text

Recover the two containers loaded with Code Talker’s research materials. The containers are hidden in the jungle, and XOF choppers are en route to collect them.

Extracted 2 containers

To find out where the containers are, you should either interrogate some soldiers at the mansion, or look at our screenshots. They’re guarded by three soldiers each. When you extract the first one, you’ll have nine minutes to snatch the second, before the choppers arrive.

Completed the mission by riding a Fulton extracted container out of the hot zone

Climb on top of the container, try to place the device in the middle of the upper side, so as not to tilt too much when it lifts off. Stand as close to the balloon as you can, and press Triangle (Y on Xbox) when the prompt appears. Easiest to do with the Wormhole Fulton Upgrade, as it always picks the cargo up without tilting it.

Completed the mission without the enemy discovering the container extraction

You’d have to either lead the enemies far enough (using distractions) so that they won’t hear the Fultoning, or separate and CQC them one by one.

Pinpointed the soldier’s location from an intel file

You’ll need to get two intel files – one is in a tent southwest of the mansion, while the other is in a room in the northern part of the villa.

Extracted the commander of the Zero Risk Security force guarding the mansion

The commander should be close to the second intel file, inside the mansion. If you have the Wormhole Fulton, you won’t even have to carry him outside.

Recovered the rough diamonds snatched by the common raven near Lufwa Valley, NW Guard Post

The diamonds can be found east of outpost #8. Look for the ravens circling in the sky. The diamonds will be directly below them, with a pack of wild dogs nearby.
Big thanks to our readers dhari862, Excuritas, Ham, Hnoc and ghostlx for the info and pics.

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  1. D

    You will see alot of common raven and 4 wild dogs

  2. Yo, i found the large diamond for the last objective… I don’t know why nobody is checking out the ravens flying in the sky in this area since there are a bunch of them together 😀 Anyway:

    There were 4 jackals at the diamond too, just add me on steam if you want to know more.


  3. H

    R.e. The raven’s diamonds: if you go to the area you’ve marked on your screenshot then look in the sky (to the south of the area you marked), there is a flock of ravens circling in the sky. If you use D-Dog he will mark them so they’re easier to see. The large diamond is right underneath where they are circling.

  4. H

    Diamonds are on the ground under the flying crows, near the 4 hostile aniamals

  5. G

    The diamonds are very close to four (or three) african wild dogs in the area of the image.

  6. C

    I would just like to add that you only need 1 intel file, not both, but if you interrogate a soldier beforehand, the game won’t register you checking an intel file, so don’t mark or interrogate anyone before finding one of the intel.

    1. C

      Okay, I was completely wrong on that, but so is this walkthrough – you need the intel located in the mansion. The intel in the mansion locates all the soldiers, while the intel in the tent south of the mansion locates the two containers. The intel in the mansion is in on the left, in the same room and across from the commander, if entering the mansion from the front.

  7. J

    The intel file is bugged. If you picked it up then restarted to a checkpoint, that task gets washed out. Even if you acquire the second intel file. Kaz will just say that theres nothing new to it.

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