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Weapons can be customized in detail in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, but you’ll need to unlock the option first. You’ll need to recruit a Legendary Gunsmith to get the ability to change the looks and stats of your guns. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to customize weapons in MGSV: The Phantom Pain.

How To Unlock Weapon Customization

You’ll need a Legendary Gunsmith first. There’s a series of Side Ops that will lead you to making him a member of your staff. Once you’ve got him, the option to customize weapons is going to appear in the customization menu.

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How To Customize Weapons

Here’s what you have to do, once you open your iDroid:
  • Go to the Mother Base tab
  • Choose Customize
  • Choose Weapons
Once you’re in, you just need to choose a weapon you want to change, and a list of parts you can swap in and out will appear. The last entry on the list is Color, which is where you choose the camo pattern and color of your gun.

Swapping parts is about more than just the looks, though. You can affect the stats of your weapon by putting different parts on it. Once you get your first sniper rifle with a suppressor, you can then put that suppressor on any other sniper rifle you have. Same goes for pretty much everything – if you have one gun in the category with a certain accessory, you can apply it to almost all weapons in that category. You can exchange muzzles, grips, magazines, scopes, etc.

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  1. S

    Nice post. Anybody know if any on these mods help in any way. Like the stock some say lvl 3 improved stability while moving, but there is 3 with that description and the stats dont seem to be affected whatsoever.

    1. D

      Stocks offer a negligible increase in weapon stability, but being able to equip better silencers, magazines, optics, and under barrel attachments is key.

      1. D

        I’m still early in the game, but the only way you could have a sniper rifle that causes sleep (like Mossin Nagant) is through weapon customization.

  2. B

    Don’t even realise there WAS gun modification until I’d finished the first chapter in fully in S-Rank lol.

      1. F

        If a chocolate one, take it its good deal.

  3. D

    I had completed #107 fairly early on in the side ops. I didn’t know until reading this that it lead on to gun customization. I ended up doing 34 more side ops before unlocking #108 and #109, it was a long night. It only worked for me after finishing 2 blueprints missions, 09 and 10. One of them used the same location as the 2nd gunsmith so perhaps that had something to do with it.

    Cheers for the tips man. Appreciated 🙂

  4. C

    This game needs to be more player friendly. I mean there’s no talk about Weapon Customisation before doing these side ops. Some people might just finish the main missions before even unlocking this feature -.-

    1. B

      If you do all the missions and somehow seeing a side op marked “legendary gunsmith” doesn’t peak your interest, or just don see it at all, it really kind of isn’t the games fault, and it certainly isn’t because the game isn’t being player friendly. There are plenty of other reasons one can claim it isn’t player friendly before that even becomes a thing.

      The game is about being somewhat natural in the way things happen. Having someone randomly say “you know what will be cool, gun customization..” but not be able to do it till after you find one single guy makes no sense. It’s much more natural to hage a player assume there’s so many other things going on before they stumble on a guy who can do such a thing, with the characters going on as if R&D will be more than enough to get by.

      And that’s the other thing: it’s not really all that important to have. R&D’d weapons are more than enough to get you through the whole game.

  5. If i customized three weapons and developed another one in same category.hiw do i get rid of one so i can customize new weapon?

  6. S
    Solid Snake

    The only weapon I customized was my sleeper sniper rifle.

  7. H
    Han min thu

    Hey is it work on ps3?

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