Wormhole Fulton Upgrade | MGSV: The Phantom Pain

The Wormhole upgrade for the Fulton Device lets you extract people and things using a portal instead of a balloon. It’s faster than the old version, it cannot be interrupted, and it cannot fail due to weather conditions. It even works inside. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock Wormhole Fulton Upgrade.

How To Get Wormhole Fulton Upgrade

After you finish Chapter 1 (after Mission 31), you’ll get the side op 50 – Capture the Legendary Jackal. This mission will take you to Africa, to an area south of Nova Braga Airport. Take D-Dog with you, as he can smell wild animals. You’ll find a pack of jackals, so don’t go rushing in. The one you’re looking for has black fur on his head. Once you knock him out and extract him, the option to research the wormhole fulton will appear in your Development screen.

The upgrade isn’t cheap. If you want to develop it, you’ll need:
  • 850,000 GMP
  • R&D Team lvl 40
  • Support Unit lvl 40
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  1. P

    I have done the mission 31 but I haven’t unlock the side ops.

    1. J

      Probably best to complete any side ops you haven’t yet in the area, as well.

      1. P

        Will try,

        1. P

          Now I have the mission unlocked.
          Thx so much

          1. J

            No worries, buddy.

    2. J

      That means you didn’t do the legendary bear side ops mission and if you did then idk what to say

    3. A

      Just a question, whas there not a wormhole grade 2, where ther are ~40 (about 40) fultons?

    4. C

      I also completed mission 31 but not seen side op 50

      1. C

        I can’t even see warmhole Fulton on my development list? Wt to do plz help

        1. C

          Even I can’t see side op 50

  2. C

    OK, I’ve completed Mission 31, done SideOp 50 and captured the Jackel – but no wormhole fulton unlock? Are there other SideOps that must be completed first BEFORE wormhole research will show up?

    1. C

      Oh, and I have master fulton extraction too….

      1. G

        You must have R&D and Support Units in lvl 40, also you must have 850,000 PMB in hand to unlock it

    2. E
      Earnest Petty

      You have to do the gun cam blueprint side ops first

  3. C

    make that grand master fulton…

  4. L

    Betcha you didn’t get the reference that the Wormhole Fulton makes; in order to get it, you capture the rare animal named…. Anubis. who gives you….Wormholes.

    Anyone who’s into Sci-Fi should get the reference!

    1. C

      Like I said mate, I’ve captured Anubis, sideop 50 is no longer available as it’s listed as completed, I have the grand master fulton certificate and wormhole fulton research ISN’T unlocked for me… I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, or if the game bugged on me for some reason… :/

      1. C

        OK, figured it out – needed to do the Eli sideop as well to unlock child extraction fulton upgrade FIRST – THEN wormhole upgrade unlocked.

        1. G

          thank you.. the Eli cut scene makes sense now.. sort of

    2. J

      Not really anyone who’s into Sci-Fi, rather anyone who’s into Konami / Kojima.

      It’s a ZOE reference, hinting at Anubis and Jehuty’s Zero Shift abilities. Anubis from the get go, Jehuty after upgrading in ZOE2.


      1. T

        Stargate, I thought that dude up there was on about Stargate SG1

        1. N

          Zone of the Enders 2.

    3. G

      I’m pretty sure it’s a Zone of the Ender’s reference

    4. S

      Stagate? Zone of the enders? How old are you dorks? Anibus is an Egyptian god with a jackel head that transfers people to the land of the dead. Haha I’m sure a lot of people as talented as Kojima gather inspiration from stargate bhahahaahaaha!!!

      1. L
        Late MGS fan

        Well, the wormhole does use the same squealing sound effect from Stargate, so someone in the team snuck in that little reference.

    5. N

      It’s a reference to Zone of the Enders 2. The frame Anubis creates a giant wormhole at the end of the game.

  5. S

    on MGSV, how does player able to auto extraction with the fulton wormhole? thank you

    1. A

      In {THE WHITE MAMBA} main mission, hold up one of the kids and select the “Spit it out” option. They will lead you to a First AId Manual or something of the like. This will allow you to unlock a fulton suit for D-dog. Telling him to “Get it” will force D-dog to extract all unconcious soldiers and prisoners. However, I don’t think that you can extract soldiers who fall assleep without tranquilizer rounds.

  6. E

    It says for me my wormhole is level 2

    1. E

      For me it says my wormhole is level 2

  7. J

    It can fail!

    Shoot the guy while he’s being taken away and he can die.

  8. D

    Had some trouble unlocking this as well. I had the r&ad levels etc and all prerequisite upgrades. In the end it had already been mentioned above. I had to complete all the remaining Africa side ops and then return to base before it unlocked. Only unlocked on heading back to base. Didn’t show up in Africa after I’d completed the last side ops.

  9. R

    Still ages to go

  10. R

    This helped a lot

  11. B
    Bradley C Brunner

    So, on the FOB missions while I am defending I have been seeing people put down a BLUE claymore and when they get killed or knocked out, they wormhole fulton out two seconds later and teleport to that blue claymore. What is that? It makes defending almost impossible so they kill or steal all of my people, all of my stuff and I am kind of upset.

  12. R

    Sorry, if I understand correctly, to get the fulton wormhole you have to catch the jackal, have the money available, have the units at level 40 and finally also complete the optional mission 113?

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