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Hand of Jehuty is an upgrade for the prosthetic arm in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It lets you grab enemies from a distance and teleport them back to you, which leaves them disoriented and ripe for CQC. It’s an easter egg referring to one of Kojima’s earlier games. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Hand of Jehuty.

How To Unlock Hand of Jehuty

When you finish Mission 31, you’ll get a new side op called 49 – Capture The Legendary Ibis. It will take you to Luftwa Valley, in the Angola-Zaire region. Bring D-Dog with you, as he can detect wildlife. Follow the trail into the forest, and look for the bird around the waterfall. Once he’s asleep and fultoned, you’ll get the option to develop Hand of Jehuty.

In order to research it, you’ll need to have the following:
  • 340,000 GMP
  • R&D Team lvl 28
  • 120 Precious Metal
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  1. R

    I beat the game and had done the legendary jackal mission earlier and this mission is gone from my side ops list it goes 48, 50 is that a bug or did I somehow lock the mission by progressing further or any chance I can still find the bird?

  2. E

    ‘Jehuty’ is a refrence to Kojima’s other series, Zone of the Enders. Specifically ‘Jehuty’ is the designated name of the Orbital Frame (read: space faring mech suit) that the protagonist oppperates in the first game of the series.

    1. J

      The Jackal should have been called Anubis to fit the theme of these two extra weapons. You know… Considering Zero Shift.

      Would have been a nice touch. Jehuty and Anubis.

      1. L

        The Jackal is in fact named Anubis

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