Metro Exodus How to Pass Research Facility Without Killing Blind Ones

Beating the Research Facility in the Metro Exodus Dead City level without killing a Blind One is connected to one of the game’s trophies. Specifically, it unlocks the Metro Exodus Guide trophy / achievement. However, doing this is not the easiest of tasks. Blind Ones can hear you really well. And, even though you can easily outrun them, if they do get you, you’ll be in a lot of trouble. So, with all of that said, here’s our Metro Exodus How to Pass Research Facility Without Killing Blind Ones guide to show you how to get the Guide achievement / trophy in Metro Exodus.

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Metro Exodus How to Pass Research Facility Without Killing Blind One
Metro Exodus How to Pass Research Facility Without Killing Blind Ones

Guide Trophy / Achievement in Metro Exodus – How to Avoid Killing Blind Ones in Dead City Research Facility?

To get the Guide achievement / trophy in Metro Exodus, you indeed have to avoid killing any of the Blind Ones. What are the Blind Ones? The hulking, gorilla-like monsters that, as the name suggests, have no eyes. Their foreheads just never stop until they reach their simian snouts. They indeed can’t see you, but you’d better believe they can hear you. Stealth will be of utmost importance, and even then, there’s no guarantee that they won’t notice you. Now, you can shoot them or smack them with Molotovs to stun them, but you can’t kill them if you want the Guide trophy.

You’ll encounter the first Blind One at the rooftop entrance into the Research Facility of the Dead City section. The attack will initially play out as a cutscene. As soon as you get control over Artyom again, you have two options. One is to explore the rooftop stealthily for some consumables and ammo while the Blind One thrashes about, or just run past it through the door and into the facility. Your call. Remember: it’s slow and ambling, but it can hurt you. A lot.

how to get metro exodus guide trophy achievement

The second encounter with a Blind One will be soon after, in the area with a cage-like structure; the one where you have to reroute power to the door upstairs. The Blind One will come shuffling through the exit, so you’ll have to kite it away from the door, then run past it and back up the stairs.

metro exodus guide trophy how to get

The third encounter will be in the large, hangar-like room full of cabinets. The Blind One will come in from the far right side, which is where you want to go. This room gives you a lot of room to juke around the monster, thanks to the cabinets littering the room. You can sneak around it that way, and book it to the door.

how to avoid killing blind one in dead city metro exodus

Now, the next run-in with a Blind one will be in a large room full of shelves. This is gonna be either really hard or really easy. The exit from this area is immediately to the right of the hole in the wall you enter through. But, if you want to explore and collect supplies, it gets much more difficult. It’s up to you to decide what you want to do. If you’re just there for the trophy, just head right as soon as you can.

guide trophy metro exodus how to get

If you thought the previous encounters were tough to get through without killing the Blind Ones, wait till you see this one. After a haunting walk through a haunting hallway of corpses, you’ll be in a large room with two levels. And there are Blind Ones on both. Yay. You’ll have to sneak around them to switch on two breaker boxes on the two levels. Whenever you do that, the Blind One will be right behind you. So, it’s gonna be very tense and difficult; you’ll have to be very quick on your toes. Good luck.

how to beat dead city without killing blind one metro exodus guide achievement

The last encounter is going to play out as a quicktime event. It’ll happen just as you reach your objective. During this encounter, you just have to mash a button and it’ll be over soon. You definitely kill this Blind One, but that one doesn’t count. Just complete the mission, and the Guide trophy / achievement should pop up.

how to complete metro exodus guide trophy

So, that’s how you get the Guide trophy / achievement in Metro Exodus. If you need help with getting some of the other ones, check out our other guides on the subject, such as How to Kill Demon with Fire – Firebird Trophy, Where to Tune Radio – Join Us on Air Trophy, and How to Get Decommunization Trophy – Taiga Statue.

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