NBA 2K24 How to Change Shot Meter & Turn Off

NBA 2K24 is filled with all sorts of helpful options. For example, the Shot Meter. This tells you exactly when the best moment to shoot is. If used correctly, you’ll significantly reduce your misses in the game. Though, not every player wants this option in the game. Maybe you prefer your gameplay to be more immersive and realistic, so you will want this changed or turned off entirely. If you are wondering how to change the Shot Meter and also how to turn it off in NBA 2K24, we’re here to help.

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NBA 2K24 How to Change Shot Meter & Turn Off
NBA 2K24 How to Change Shot Meter & Turn Off

How to Change Shot Meter in NBA 2K24

There are several Shot Meter options that you can change in NBA 2K24. To do this, go into Options and then into the Controller Settings tab there. In here, you’re going to see several options that change how the Shot Meter functions in the game. This includes the Shot Timing, Free Throw Timing, Shot Timing Visual Cue, Jump Shot Meter, Layup Meter, Free Throw Meter, Shot Meter Input Type, and Shot Meter Location. You can see how all of this looks like in the screenshot directly below. Since this all depends on personal preferences, we recommend that you play around with these options until you get the Shot Meter to exactly how you like it. It can take a bit of experimentation, but it’ll be worth it to get the game to play how you want it.

Go into Controller Settings to change Shot Meter
Go into Controller Settings to change Shot Meter.

How to Turn Off Shot Meter in NBA 2K24

And if you want to turn off the Shot Meter entirely, look for the Jump Shot Meter option here. It is turned on by default, so simply turn it off. Of course, if you change your mind later, you can always easily turn it on again. Lastly, if you don’t like the Shot Timing Visual Cue, we recommend that you read our Shot Timing Visual Cue Best Speed Setting guide.

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