How to Get Minor Rune of Holding New World

Figuring out how to get the Minor Rune of Holding in New World is really important, because it’s one of the ingredients used to make items that increase your inventory space. However, the game doesn’t make it obvious where to find the Minor Rune of Holding, not even close. In fact, if you haven’t been progressing the main story, you won’t have access to it at all. That being the case, we’ve put together this guide to help you out.

how to get minor rune of holding new world
How to Get Minor Rune of Holding New World

Minor Rune of Holding New World – How to Get

To get the New World Minor Rune of Holding for the Coarse Leather Bag and other items that increase inventory space, you first need to play through the story quests until you get the opportunity to join one of the three factions. Any faction will do, so pick your favorite and run with it. Next, talk to the faction representative NPC in the settlement and select “Open Faction Board,” then click on “Buy Rewards” in the upper right corner. You’ll find an amazing number of items that are available for purchase, and among them will be the Minor Rune of Holding.

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Now, to purchase the item, you’ll need 250 Gold and 1,000 Faction points. You get the latter by completing various Faction missions, a list of which you can find in the previous menu, aka the Faction Board. The first row of quests are PvE missions, and the second consists of PvP missions, which reward you with more points. So, to get the Minor Rune of Holding in New World and increase inventory space, grind out the Gold and points until you have enough, then simply purchase the item.

Keep in mind that you’ll also need 45 Coarse Leather, 25 Linen, and 10 Iron Ingots to make the bag. So, there’s plenty more grinding for you to do. If you need further help with the game, checkout some of our other New World guides, such as How to Make Bullets, How to Get Fire Motes, and How to Craft Gunpowder.

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