Darksiders III pre-alpha gameplay is here for you viewing pleasure

Only two days after the official confirmation of Darksiders 3 following the Amazon leaked details, we are getting a pre-alpha gameplay video, following the exploits of the third horseman of the Apocalypse. Or horsewoman. Horselady? Be that as it may, here is a 12-minute video of Fury in early development

Regardless of her title, Fury is hear to beat some sense into things using her whip and magic. The “unpredictable and enigmatic” member of the Four is out and about on her task to destroy the Seven Deadly Sins. The devopers talked about a more “open-world” design, although the previous games also contained the option of traversal between different levels.

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THQ Nordic is the publisher in this case and the game is developed by Gunfire Games. If you are not in the know, Gunfire Games has some of the ex-members of Vigil Games, the developers of Darksiders and Darksiders 2. Under the new name they worked on the remaster of Darksiders 2, among other games.

Darksiders signature style is back as well. Post-apocalyptic environments and mystical creatures, the strife between heaven and hell (with no clear positive/negative characterization) are making a return. Fury herself has the same over-the-top design as her brothers, but is somewhat slimmer and not as buff, which was to be expected. She is supposed to be able to “unleash her various forms”, as well, giving her new options of attack and defense, as well as environment traversal.

Darksiders 3 already have an approximate release date, which is set for 2018, however, the leaked Amazon listing clearly states December 31 as the date. This is probably a placeholder, but holiday season always seems like a good time to launch a big title.

Darksiders 3 are coming out on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One (and probably their more powerful versions, PS4 Pro and Scorpio as well).

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