PlayerUnknown's Battleground First Person Servers Coming Soon

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground will get first person servers in the next monthly update. This was one of the most wanted features for a more challenging gameplay experience, and its release has finally been confirmed.

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pubg first person
PUBG first person servers

After its early access release on March 23rd, players who’ve spent tons of hours in the game felt like it was missing a key point in order to become even more competitive. One of the solutions was to separate the servers and make some of them first person only. Now, according to the official Twitter account, this feature is bound to be added in the following monthly update.

Players who feel like first person gameplay is not for them will not be forced to try it out. The current state of the mode will also be improved, to make it more appealing and fun to play. The team behind it has assured players they are working hard to get it ready before it launches.

The much needed first person field of view slider has already been implemented. It allows the player to have a wider perspective and be more aware of their surroundings. The developers are testing it now, while preparing its full implementation.

The first person mode will not be present in all regions at once. The first ones who will get to enjoy it are Europe and North America. It’ll be available for both solo and duo games. Once the system has been polished, it will be implemented in the other regions as well.

It’s a big jump from the last update where you could no longer fire weapons in a submerged vehicle, to first person servers. It almost feels like every other update brings a cool new feature. If we were to follow this line of thinking, we might think the new Peru desert map is coming sooner rather than later.

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