Destiny 2 Super Users Will Leave Footprints in Crucible

In the neverending struggle to fix the broken mess that is Crucible, Bungie have decided that Destiny 2 should create a bit of disadvantage for PvP players using super abilities. Hopefully, it will even out the playing field a bit – if you can’t counter them, you can at least try to escape.

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destiny 2 super footsteps
Using supers in Destiny 2 PvP will leave footprints

The revelation comes via Reddit user HypedUpNinja, who spotted the glowing footprints in a recent PvP video. He noticed that players who activated their supers would leave behind prints colored in lively colors.

In the first game’s Crucible, players would often rely on their super abilites to carry the match. They’d build their character so that they maximize the power of the super, while shortening its cooldown time. This is a good way to start combating that – when you see super footprints, you run the other way.

In case you’re one of the dozen or so people on the planet who haven’t played Destiny, you might be confused about all this. As the name suggests, super abilities are like ultimate weapons for the Guardians. They’re magical powers that can often turn the tide of a match, but the downside is that they need time to recharge.

Savvy players have already started thinking how to best use this addition. One such player suggested walking backwards with a super on, to confuse enemies. Using it this way could lure unsuspecting opponents into an ambush, while they think they’re actually getting away from the action. But lets be honest – the footprints will just cause mass panic in chat for the first few weeks.

We’re going to get a chance to see these in action once the Destiny 2 beta launches next week. We’re going to get a glimpse of Crucible with it, but the full effect of this addition won’t be known until the game is released, on September 6th.

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