You Can Now Link Your Bungie & Blizzard Accounts, But It's Dangerous

While waiting for the imminent release of Destiny 2, you can link your Bungie and Blizzard accounts. We’re still uncertain what exactly it is you gain by doing this, but the option is there. A lot of fans have jumped at the opportunity, and some of them got burned. As is usually the case with beaurocracy, the process isn’t straightforward enough, and issues are starting to arise.

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link bungie blizzard account
Linking your Bungie and Blizzard accounts can be bad for your health

Reddit user Aerogizz is one of the unfortunates. He was one of the many players who accidentally “orphaned” their Bungie account by severing its ties with other accounts. He has no way of accessing it now, so it’s lost for good. It happened when he tried to connect the two using Bungie’s site, but instead created a new account there and tied it to his Blizzard account. In the process, he somehow severed all ties with his regular Bungie account.

It could happen to you as well. If you want to avoid the grief, it’s imperative to stay cautious during the entire process. Another user in the same Reddit thread offered some advice, to help others with the trial. Here’s the safest way to go about it:

  1. Log in to through PSN/Xbox Live.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select Account & Linking.
  4. Link your accounts.

He also urges people not to try logging in using the Blizzard credentials, as it will create a new Bungie account. If you link your authentication method to that one, your old one will be inaccessible. Your best bet would be to hold off on the whole linking thing – it’s unclear what benefits it offers, and there’s certainly no need to do it before the game is released, which is September 6th for console players and October 24th for PC users.

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