You can get Prison Architect: Mobile on App Store and Google Play for free

Paradox Interactive, known probably more for their grand strategies, such as Crusader Kings 2, as well as the management simulation that is Prison Architect, by Introversion Software, which won BAFTA award. The latter now has a touch-screen version for mobile platforms.

Prison Architect is all about constructing and managing a maximum security prison, starting out small, with cell blocks and moving on up from there. The prison will need the basics, guard rooms, cells, canteens, infrastructure in general, but also solitary confinement, places for training, and even execution chambers. You need to pay attention to staff pay, prisoner moral, which might grow into riots. The beginning is free, while additional chapters can be bought in-game.

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Paradox Interactive has been working as a global publisher since 1999, and they have a huge portfolio of critically acclaimed games, such as the Europa Universalis series, Crusader Kings series, Magicka, Hearts of Iron, as well as the runaway hit of 2015, Cities: Skylines, which appeared just at the right moment after the not-so-well received latest iteration of Sim City.

Introversion Software, is an independent game developer and publisher, founded in 2001. They have sold over 5 million copies and their games have been critically acclaimed, including Uplink, DEFCON, Darwinia and Multiwinia. Prison Architect is their most successful game to date, winning a BAFTA in 2016 for best persistent games and selling over 2 million copies.

Prison Architect: Mobile includes:

  • Build and manage a prison to house a variety of different prisoners
  • Juggle inmate needs with security concerns, infrastructure, and the ever-looming budget
  • Follow the story in Campaign Mode to learn new prison-building techniques and get to know life behind bars through a series of cutscenes and objectives
  • Unlock more Campaign chapters with one-time purchases
  • Violent Offenders: Manage different types of criminals and keep control through floods, fires, fights, and full-blown riots

Prison Architect: Mobile is available for free today on App Store or Google Play.

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