Bungie really wanted everyone to start from zero in Destiny 2

If you have wondered if there was any technical thing that stopped Bungie from transferring your Destiny Guardians and their loot, weapons and gear – no, there was none. They just want everyone to start from the same position.

Destiny 2 Getting Rid of Grimoire Cards for Proper Storytelling
The Traveler is gone in Destiny 2, and so is your stuff.

Some players might actually be upset due to this, as they’ve worked hard for three years to get to the coveted light level 400, however, Mark Noseworthy, project lead on Destiny 2 says that that this move allowed them “to break some bones with the game desing”. He also said that it “creates this excellent conversion point for new people, and the people who are playing Destiny 1 the day before Destiny 2 comes out, they can all play together. We think it’s more important that everyone starts from a clean slate”.

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He also noted that this was a sequel and things had to be changed in order to have a fresh perspective. Let us not forget that Bungie is (finally, some might say) focusing on storytelling much more than in the original game, as Guardians’ stronghold is taken by General Ghaul. Here’s what Noseworthy says about the new villain: “He’s jealous of the powers bequeathed to the Guardians by The Traveler. It’s a story that if you know nothing about Destiny you can still start playing it. We introduce the game and if you’ve not been here before you’re going to be compelled by what’s happening.” Noseworthy drove the point home by saying that they were trying to look at everything with fresh eyes and making sure that the changes they make are only done having in mind the things that will make the game as good as possible. Hear, hear.

And let us not forget, it was not actually Bungie who took the stuff away, it was the evil general Ghaul!

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