UK & US gaming deals: Prey, Xbox One S and much more

Destiny might be the king of today’s news, but that does not mean there is nothing else going on. If there’s anything gamers like more than new games and hype, it’s old games and discounts. And when we say ‘old games’, we mean anything older than a week.

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Thief might not be getting a sequel any time soon, but the discount is a “steal”.

To start things off, the good old Humble Store is really going overboard. There is the traditional Humble Indie Bundle 18, featuring Ziggurat, Windward and Steam World Heist in the ‘pay what you want’ category, Kentucky Route Zero, Beholder and Goat Simulator: GOATY (plus more revealed in 4 days) if you beat the average price, as well as the beautiful Owlboy if you pay $13/€11.68.

That is not all, Humble Store is currently hosting a spring sale as well. Currently participating are Activision (with discounts on various Call of Duty games, Deadpool and the Prototype franchise), Telltale Games (with most of their storytelling games on sale), Codemasters (with Grid, Grid 2, F1 2014 and 2015, Overlord and more), and Square Enix (with Rise of the Tomb Raider, Life is Strange, Deus Ex, Hitman, Just Cause, Thief, and Sleeping Dogs on sale).

Over in UK, there are some awesome Xbox One S deals from ShopTo, with the console, one game (Fifa 17, Halo Wars 2, Gears of War 4) and a 3 month Xbox Live Gold membership for £199.85. Serious goods for a serious discount. Stock is limited though, so hurry it up if it sounds like your cup of tea! Get it, tea? Because of UK and…they drink tea? Never mind.

If your interests lie in the DRM-free arena, is also featuring a sale by Wadget Eye Games. You can score Primordia, Shardlight, Gemini Rue and much more with some serious discounts.

Who says people have to wait for Steam Summer Sale? There’s plenty going on in the spring as well!