Unlimited power! Or at least resources in Prey via glitch

We played Prey a lot, reviewed it positively and created a huge amount of guides for your consideration. What we did not do, however, was to cheat the system out of those sweet, sweet resources.

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It is always a game of patience and nerves to come up with new stuff in games, as speedruns always show. Prey has already had its share of speedruns, and now there is a new unlimited resource glitch. Basically, all you have to do is put material valued 1.00 in the recycler and split it into its 48 slots. Of course, this is boring as it is, and luckily there is no need for each material to be exactly 1.00, as long as the total is 1.00. Now, you need to go for the old trick – quick save and quick load. Recycler will bring the value of each slot to a round 1.00. You have accidentally tricked it into thinking you have 48 pieces of whatever you’ve put in.

Warning! Do not go back into Recycler window as you will lose all gains, due to recalculation. Just focus on the main panel, which should be reading 48.00 and disregard everything else. If you hit Recycle, you will have succeeded. Of course, for those who are still pining for the item duplication trick that got patched out this will not be enough, however, you have to take what you can. This is quite an easy way to farm raw materials and you can use them to make whatever.

The trick was found by a Reddit user (who else?) by the name of Aeramus who discovered that it works on the PS4 and the community has since confirmed it works on PC as well. Consult the above video for details and farewell until the next patch!


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